Crashed my Mavic

‘‘Tis a very sad and very wet morning, so here’s what happened…
I am working out in the Peak Park this week so I thought set off early and fly the drone, beautiful icy morning, so I went to a nice little spot I have been noticing on my travels, got the Mavic out nice fresh battery let her sit there warming up with the rotors spinning, take off with full GPS brilliant took a few stills over the river with the mist rising great I thought, looking down at the phone screen to change some settings and never noticed she was drifting side ways away from me, looked up O NO she drifted to the edge of a island in the middle of the river, too late clipped a tree and down she went into the freezing cold water…
Crap, shit and bugger I thought, so what to do ??? Sod it kit off and in the water, up to my waste at times in F F freezing water out in to the middle of the fast flowing river, got to the spot where I thought she was 10 mins later thank god something red under the water, so upto my neck feeling round and Yaaaaaaay got her, and no word of a lie the battery lights were flashing 3 dots and the gimble still moving…
Another 10mins to get back across the river drone above water at all times, got to the bank collect my clothes together a started walking back to my van along a foot path just in my pants and O no a lady on her own walking her dog… kept my head down and muttered loverly morning and scurried to the safety of my van…
So what to do with the Mavic ? Dry it out and try it or send it to DJI care refresh ???
PS hope there’s a badge for saving drowned drone :+1::grinning:


I’m sorry to hear whats happened! however I’ve heard allot of stories of peoples mavic’s still working after a submersion so I would get yourself to the nearest supermarket and buy the biggest bag of rice you can find and place it in your heating cupboard for at least at week…

I’d be even tempted to order some of those absorbent salt bags you get when you buy electronic items

She’s in brown rice sat on a aga cooking nicely


I’m concerned you may cause havoc with the mrs with a plastic bag on the cooker? LOL

No I have put 3 T towels under the bag :+1:

Sorry to hear the news fella but it’s a good job you found it hey. probably a good job you had a bright coloured skin to as you might of struggled finding it. Made the dog walkers day to I bet :grin:.
Tough one though knowing weather to send it in or not really. Might all work after a bath but you Gota ask yourself will it be safe to fly after?
Fingers crossed she’ll be fine. Might need a new skin though after being cooked on the Aga. :grin:

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Hi yes the red skin made it so much easier to see in the murky water, as for the dog walker she didnt see much because all the man hood retreated to avoid the bloody cold water, I am of the same thought as you will it be the safe ??? I am thinking of ordering a Platinum without controller…

Well not to say this would happen but you could be happily hovering your Mavic in front of you then all of a Sudden something like a motor will fail and you’ll get it right in the face. :grimacing: I can think of another if you like :grin: Lots to go wrong really but have heard people loosing them the same way you have and managed to get them up and running again.

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I have just watched a few youtube vids and they all seem to recover ok…
No point loosing sleep it will get sorted one way or another, I have got care refresh so if all else fails she goes back to be operated on…

Htm250 - good attitude to have. If the rice doesn’t work, there’s always Care Refresh to fall back on.

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Really sorry to read your story, @Ktm250. It’s something we all fear but kudos to you for your ‘rescue at sea’ action. Keep us posted on how things go.

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@Londroner Is there a badge for Drone rescue? LOL


No, but consider it added to the list for consideration by the badge committee. :slight_smile:


Evening chaps, the Mavic is out of intensive care now, shes been in rice for about 48hrs now and sat on the AGA were the tempreture is around 46’…
Well its good and not so good really, the battery that was in her when she went swimming has also been in the rice for same time period, when i pulled it out it still registered 3 full and one flashing dots, so I put it in the Mavic and did a start up with no props on and nothing not a dicky bird 1 st thought were dam and blast, so plan B kicked in to action try another battery and low and behold those precious start up tones rang out, the gimble calibrated and perfectly clear image being transmitted, so I let the motors spin up and yes all looks Ok, so tomorrow I will give her a test flight…
The bad bit is it looks like the battery has gone down, the power lights flash to show the charge status so it could be something simple, I have got a friend who is a electronics whizz so I will drop it around to him and let him have a look at it…
So the Mavic can survive a under water experience :grinning::grin:


Bloody hell mate!!!

Never mind a badge for rescuing it in freezing water, I think you deserve a bloody medal :joy:

Gutted to hear it went for a swim but sooooo impressed that you went for a swim too in order to recover it!

Re the battery, personally I’d cut my losses on that, count my blessings that the Mavic survived the swim and I’d grab a second hand battery off eBay, there’s loads on there :+1:

Congrats again on going balls out (literally :wink:) to recover your bird, so glad it lives to fly another day :clap:t2:


That’s amazing! Congrats. So the only damage was that you lost a battery? I’d say you got off lightly. What a tough little bird the Mavic is.

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I must say I am totally amazed it survived, thank god I put the red skin on it otherwise I reckon I wouldn’t have found it in the brown Pete coloured water…
I agree about the battery it a small price to pay really, I just cannot belive its even retained all my settings etc.
Brilliant bit of kit
My nuts have just come back from out of my throat :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:

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The last image it took before trying to commit suicide :smiley:

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Wow @Ktm250, 21 days ago I lost my drone wish I had a bright colour it might have made things easier in a 3 mtr area of where it fell but no luck.

I bought my second drone today and in preparation being a genius I ordered last night a blinking camouflage decal, is there a medal for Plonker of the month.

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I remember reading your post about loosing your Mavic, that feeling when you realise it’s gone is terrible…
But as for the camo skin ??? What were you thinking ( no one will see this) lol
I will ask for a plonker pilot badge to be considered, I recon you will be getting one :grinning::grinning::grinning::+1:
Good luck with the new bird

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