Hi folks. Thought I would get the drone out and brush the cobwebs off so to speak. Out for only a short time was about to land from about 30 feet in Altus and about 50 yards away when I got an EMI WARNING on screen. Drone carried on in straight line not responding to anything I did and crashed into hillside. Managed to find it but it’s lost a leg and props all destroyed. Anyone had similar with Mavic pro. Thanks.

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Post the flight logs if you can. Someone may be able to tell you what or why it went wrong.

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Sorry to hear that Paul, as above post the logs or any airdata and lets see if we can bottom it ?

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We have some clever bods on here who will tell you what went wrong, sorry to here of your crash Paul.

That’s most people’s nightmare, Paul. The flight logs could possibly hold some interesting info as I haven’t come across an “EMI” warning accompanied with complete loss of control before.

Sometimes DJI’s warning system can be a little ambiguous, probably due to the limited number of descriptors. As an example a common message with the Spark was “Weak GPS Signal, Switching To ATTI Mode”, when in actuality there’d be 18 GPS satellites locked. The actual cause was the output of the accelerometers conflicted with that of the onboard compass. If this didn’t auto correct it would then assume the compass was at fault. Because the Compass was deemed at fault it’s data could not be used in conjunction with the GPS data. Hence the Spark would revert to ATTI mode, with the WEAK GPS message, even though there’d be in excess of 18 GPS satellites locked with a low HDOP.

Possibly if it can be proven that there were no strong sources of interference in the area you were flying in then you maybe entitled to some form of redress from DJI.


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Had a quick look on here but can’t find anything specific. Can anyone tell me how to upload flight logs to here so someone can possibly shed some light on what I was doing wrong. Thanks.

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Someone will be along to help soon, am sure.
Just confirm which drone you were flying and if you have Airdata?

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Mavic pro. Don’t have airdata but will download when get time.
I’m blaming myself totally for this. It’s totally pi**ed me off. I’ve had the last few weeks of hell like a lot of people. I jumped at the thought of just getting out and having some me time. Should have checked everything over properly before I left home.
A lesson for being selfish I suppose.
On another note can anyone recommend a repair centre. At least two arms need replacing.
I put a battery on this morning to see what errors came up in app.
Cameras not working. Gimbal not going through it’s start up routine either.
Another more worrying issue is the underside got very warm in space of a minute or so of powering up so I turned off and removed battery.
Not sure if something shorting inside to cause the heat.
Alas funds are terrible at the moment so it may have to wait a month or two for repair. I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be well into the hundreds.
Any help with a repair centre would be helpful though.
At the moment I’m looking at Heliguy but if anyone knows of any member who repairs they maybe able to help let me know.

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What a nightmare for you Paul.
Sounds like quite a bit of damage, you will need an estimate before repair, might be expensive.
Someone will be along to explain the pro ess of using DJI Assistant 2 to download the files and share them.
You don’t need Airdata, DJI logs will be sufficient.
If I find a video, will post link
Fingers crossed we can get you back in the air soon mate, oh and work out what went wrong

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Thanks for the support and advice from yourself and everyone else so far.
Knowing where it all went wrong is a definite need. 90% chance it was an error I made somewhere. It is bugging me though. I’ve had EMI before once when I’d placed the drone over an underground cable and was getting ready to fly but never I clear sky in open land.

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I think you mean IMU, and not EMI ?

(Inertial Measurement Unit)

We’ve got an exclusive discount deal in place with Drone Doctor:

Check out #members-only for more details.

Hope they can help!


Thanks for the heads up on drone doctor. I’ve emailed them. See how it goes.
I haven’t felt this gutted for a long time.


Well it’s packed and I’m awaiting the courier to collect for delivery to the Drone Doctors.
Hope it ain’t going to be too crippling financially to repair.
Communication with the chaps there has been excellent.
£10 for estimate and £10 to use their recommended courier. Can’t complain.
They work long hours too. Was messaged at 23.10 yesterday with an update on my pick up.


Good to know :+1:t2:

Hope the GADC discount comes in handy!

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Well I’ve got the quote back from Drone Doctors for my MP.
£411 inc VAT.
The most extensive repairs seem to be to the Gimbal. the camera itself seems ok but cables a new plate and other bits in that area are where the brunt of the cost goes.
Opinions from you guys as to what you would do in my place would be appreciated.
There is nothing around that figure secondhand to replace it available.
I was considering some DJI goggles later but from what I’ve read they are compatible with Occusync 2 so getting newer model may not be an option.
Cash flow not great at the moment due to the times but love the drone.
Would I be foolish to fork out that amount on an MP? cheers.

Drone Doctors message,
Hi Paul,

I’ve examined your DJI Mavic Pro and the damage is extensive, the camera gimbal unit requires multiple replacement components including a new Gimbal plate / Gimbal control data cable and video cable. The middle frame will need to be replaced due to the damaged screw mount for the rear right motor arm. The rear right motor arm securing mount is also damaged and this will need to be replaced. The front left motor is damaged and requires replacement. I have quoted for a replacement front right foot which is used (good condition) to keep the cost down.) If you would like us to quote for a new front right motor arm unit we can do this for you, although this would be an additional £32.00 on top of the repair quote. The upper shell has been quoted for also as there is a stress crack running through the front right motor arm housing. All other functions have checked out OK on the bench test and visual examination.

At the bottom of the page is a quote for repairs, so please click the relevant button to proceed. Alternatively, please feel free to ask any questions you may have.



Its very close to that borderline of yes/no

Often MP’s with fly-more will go for 500/600 in good nick (see our own sold pages).

A Mini is a lot cheaper but more a starter or second drone.

See how much you can get for the bits (controller etc)

If it was me, I’d walk away from it and put it down as a bad experience ;o( probably not the answer you wanted.

Tough decision Paul


No Chris your opinion is what I’m looking for. Update to this. The quote didn’t include GADC discount so its down to £370
My MP was sweet before the incident never before crashed or scuffed. These guys are highly recommended so its repaired properly. plus its guaranteed for a year on the work they do.
Im leaning towards “the better the devil you know” from the drone point of view.
All opinions very welcome though. It is a tough decision.


@la4501. Paul, huge sympathy from me having drowned my MP earlier in the week.
I am shopping for a replacement and hoping for a basic kit at around £400, as I have everything else in my kit bag still.
Tough call on repair / replace, it really is on the borderline price wise.
Good luck and I hope the cause of the problem can be worked out.


£370 is a little better, if u get the warranty out of it then it’s not bad :wink:

*can you PayPal credit the repair for a bit of interest free ?

not sure on that one matey

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