Criccieth Castle

Hi, I have recently seen a post for Criccieth Castle in north Wales and thought it hi time that I posted something in Grey Arrows. I visited Criccieth earlier this year and made a short video with Davinci 17.
Any tips on how to improve very welcome.


I’d use transitions from one clip to another, it would be even better watching it. Lovely footage though.

Cheers, I’ll have a go at that.

@Kev197 Hi Kevin great video like mine eye to hand then joy stick to get a nice smoother shot is hard it will come I am still waiting :joy:
I have watched a few YouTube’s on what a good video should look like some say no transition some say yes, use fading between shots all will look good. The main things we all like different ways. I edit the video then watch the whole thing seeing if it looks good if not then edit some more if ok publish.
I have seen form lots of YouTubing watching
Don’t fly to low to water as it will splash and drones hate water.
Have a look at my videos tell me what you think.
Keep up the good work

Thanks for the additional information.

Hi Graham, I have tried 3 different versions of transitions and decided the “Smooth Cut” in Davinci looks best but I also think no transitions still looks good on many videos I have seen. I have enclosed a revised version with transitions to see if its any better or nor?


I think the standard cross fade is still one of the best

@Kev197 they look good I have only done 3 videos so far and used davinci twice. I am no expert just giving it a go and see what happens. I like the fades you can do by just grab the white box on the timeline on your video clip and move them left or right.

This guy does some great tutorials on Resolve

This one is 25 quick fire tips

Hi, yes I use the fade on both video and sound clips, especially if the sound is longer than the video. I have also increased the speed to make it match the video.

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