Crown foreshore around the Isle of Wight

Hi. Thank you for the reply for my message about natural trust areas, I did actually think there was a lot more and larger areas. Can you please help me with the crown foreshores around the Isle of Wight. So I can fly them ok. But around the island there are still lots of beaches that are not covered by the crown foreshore law but are open to the general public for recreational use. Can I fly these shores.

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Still plenty to go at

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Newbie question on this topic.

So Crown Foreshore are no fly zones?

The opposite

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Hi. I don’t think I said that. I said you can fly the the crown fore shore lines. I was asking about the shorelines that are not marked as crown foreshore but are open to the General public.

Regards. Gary Knight.


On those you should be ok, the council has no ByeLaws in place, as long as you follow the DroneCode then all is golden

I am of the belief that you are permitted take of and land (TOAL) from Crown Foreshore, but in some cases, local bylaws and area of special scientific interest, like nature reserves, may prohibit this. Also you need to check with Drone Assist or UAV Forecast as these apps will show no fly zones (NFZ)
Personally, I now create a flight plan with Drone Assist, whenever possible, so that others are aware that you will be flying for recreational purposes.
I hope this is helpful.

I recommend (of course I would) our very own DroneScene for more info than the others (they share the same dataset)

Also worth mentioning not to confuse NFZ (made up DJI crap) with the official FRZ (flight restriction zones) which mean something


:point_up: This.

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Hi Gary,

I live on the island, most beaches are ok to fly with the exception of some private ones, ie, Wightcliff bay, Priory Bay etc, these areas usually have security during the summer, these are usually near holiday camps, however they are still open to the public, if not sure research and if needed obtain permission first.


Hi. Can I give you a phone call please some time, over the weekend. I have a lots more to ask.

Regards. Gary Knight.

As Ray has pointed out and as the Crown Estate do mention very clearly…

On occasions, third parties such as Government agencies or local authorities may restrict the flying of UAD’s on Crown Estate land. We therefore recommend checking with the appropriate authority to ensure that no such restrictions are in place.