Cruise Liners In Weymouth Bay

I see someone did some drone flights near the Liners in Torbay last year but with the current crop of liners out in Weymouth bay they seem to be about 10k feet out .

Ive got a new MA2 and think I could reach it from shore but suspect it will be at the max of the MA2 CE range … (and yes i will be looking for a following wind for the return)


Yep, (Cunard) Queen Victoria, Queen Mary 2, (P&O) Azure
You can find the precise position of any Cruise ship in the World here:

There is a shit load off the Isle of Wight.

That’s a maritime term I assume, Chris? :slight_smile:

Watch the wind - see below:

Yep there are a lot of them around here but seems closest (!) at Weymouth … but 10000 ft out , about 3km , should be in range with decent wind conditions.

I’m along the coast at Bournemouth so you can even see them moored up out here but they are about 5 miles out … Weymouth looks doable …

If I am wrong I will need to buy a new drone lol

Current positions

QM2 is 2.62km from Osmington Mills.

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I wish I had the eyesight you guys have. I lose my Mavic Air even over sea after the first 400 metres :frowning:

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That’s another debate about VLOS but i think part of the land there is mod firing range stuff that needs to be avoided.

Think that’s within the range of the MA2 …i feel a short trip coming in (it’s about an hour from me) … someone around dusk should get some nice shots i imagine…

Timing is everything … woke up to this sitting 3km offshore so the Drone paid her a visit. Video will come out later.


Great pic! :+1:

Well - 2.5km really. :wink:




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According to my controller , from where I was it was over 3km - I had to extend the max range to get to it … draw a line from the ship to Southbourne cliffs :wink:

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Ah - that may be - you said “offshore”. :wink:

next time I will use the wording 'offshore from where I stood" :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: