Crystalsky and Mavic 2

Looks like DJI have finally started rolling out compatibility between the Mavic 2 and Crystalsky.

See here and few guys in South Africa have it already


Why they couldn’t have just told people it was on the way I don’t know.

DJI are a strange bunch

read post 37… the same day the Tech support told a customer they are not compatible … 3 times no less.

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Yeah I read all the posts about it being incompatible over there.

They really need to work on their communication.

Heres a link for the APK upgrade for the Crystalsky


Yep they are…recieved a phone call from China about my Mavic Air after I got a new replacement from Netherlands with that same issue, now they are asking the same questions …what is the fault, what is the model etc etc …they have not got a clue