Crystalsky thumb screws

Just wanted to give everyone a quick heads up.

If any of you have a crystalsky monitor or have intentions of getting one (I know theres a few) I just thought I’d put up a quick post regarding the screws used to attach a mavmount or the official DJI mount. It’s attached with screws which need a screwdriver to remove. Not ideal if you wish to swap mounts whilst out flying if you don’t have a screwdriver with you.

I’ve bought some thumb screws which fit perfectly. If anyone needs to know what to buy you need M5 screws with a 10mm thread length.

I bought a bag of 10 from a company called RS components based in the UK. They look like they’re made to measure.

Happy flying people


Good to know the dimensions :+1:

I’ve got the CS MavMount adaptor, a handful of assorted sized thumbscrews (bought at random from eBay as I was unsure of the size), a Phantom 4 100w charger and an Anker USB-C cable. All still unopened…

Basically I’ve got everything except the sodding screen to connect it all to lol :rofl:

These things are like gold dust!!

Still holding out for the 7.85" and I’m tempted to buy two and stick one on eBay still sealed as they’re that rare I’m sure I’ll make a few quid on it :wink:

Got a link to the RS item? They’re probably going to be better quality than my eBay China ones :slight_smile:

Indeed I have.

Clearly not the cheapest as I could probably have gotten some from eBay for pennies but they’re great quality and a perfect fit so I’m happy with that.

Yeah if I had the cash I’d be tempted to buy a second screen and flip it for a profit.

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