Custom Goggle Display

Is there any information on hacking/modding an fpv feed to give custom information in the display?

For instance, let’s say I added a thermometer or some other instrument to a drone and I wanted an onscreen view of the reading on the drone - which system would be the simplest to get into to add something like that in the goggle display?

And I’ll take analogue and digital answers for this!

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I actually purchased a device that sits in between the feed and the output (i.e. cam / VTX), which you can code to do this. Was going to use it for custom projects where don’t have an FC which has one built in. I don’t see why you couldn’t add this inline with what the BF FC outputs and put it before VTX, but you’d also need to code for it, so would need another device taking the readings from the thermometer and putting onto this OSD. I don’t think Betaflight can add custom elements to OSD, and can it even take a pin input for reading temp?

This is the device I bought, never used it…

iNav can do it.

The MinimOSD also works with Multiwii controllers, if you want to go olskool. I use the OSD module with some old Multiwii and Kiss boards.

That MinimOSD looks exactly like what I’m after.
Obviously it will add lag to the transmission, but hopefully that will be minimal!

…and I do
Best software IMHO is the MWOSD v.2

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Ooooh i actually bought something useful. Might get round to it, when I do some ground based transmission!

Actually I would be surprised if it will.

Analog osd just works by passing the original signal through with the osd overlayed on top. No delay at all.

Was thnking the same myself, but tbh not an expert. I’d trust your opinion on that… About time I put mine to use :slight_smile: