Davinci Resolve help please

I have searched for this but struggling to find answers in here. Ive tried watching videos online but its very frustrating when I get a max of 3.7mb speeds at home (on a good day). Im trying to put together a hyperlapse with 186 photos. I have used the dji software but it keeps jumbling up the frames so I thought I’d give davinci a go. The few videos I have managed to watch have completely different panels open and being a dullard with anything more than ms paint I’m struggling. So, in your normal video editing workflow, what side panels are most useful to have open? What is your workflow for editing video? And finally, what is your workflow for making a hyperlapse? Please don’t point me to videos on tinterweb, its just too difficult. :tired_face:
I don’t mind reading text tutorials with pictures if there are any?

I can’t help with your specific question, as my workflow is different to some and I tend to use the Cut page most, whereas I get the feeling that most other people prefer the Edit page. I have a speed editor controller and it works bets in the Cut page.

However, for general DaVinci Resolve help and “training”, I’ve found Casey Faris on Youtube really usefull, and he creates videos that are often specific to the latest version of DaVinci, as things do change a little between the different versions of it.

One last point that I’ve found, try not to worry too much about what panels are “useful” to keep open, different panels do different things and what you need to have open depends a whole lot on what you do with it. They are easy to open and close as you need them, so focus on building a workflow that focuses on the results rather than on the tools, and bring up the tools as required. And definitely try to work with 2 monitors where you can…

WIndows or Mac ?

Also 186 photos at 25fps will only 7.5 seconds long.

My bad for pointing to YT, but this is unfortunately not something that you can easily learn from reading and pics…

Yeah the end length is what I figured. I used the 2sec time function on mini2, hoping that if I got things right I’d have a 5:1 compression ratio? 186 images at 2sec intervals = 372 seconds, flight took a little over 6 minutes. Or am I totally wrong and have to do it again ? :sleepy:

I’m not fussed if it’s difficult, it’s almost impossible for me on you tube

Sort of.

The ‘video’ you are going to make is going to be 25 frames per second (optimum) and you have 186 frames to play with, divide the 2 up and you get 7.5 seconds ish

Thinking out side the box time, can you download the DJI Mimo app used by the pocket series cameras (the Pockets sre basically the Mini 2 cameras anyway), and load your pictures into that? The Pockets do a pretty good job of hyperlapses and other time delay shots.
It’s a free app, so you’ll lose nothing if it doesn’t work.


Cheers, I’ll give it a try.

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Does anybody know if the FREE DVR-18 can be made to take H265 10-bit files from my AIR2S?
Having just installed it I seem to be restricted to 4K 8-Bit unless I pay £250 for ‘Studio’

Also, are there any price deals on Studio we know about?

BTW I’m on windows

I’m certain it will read them OK - but probably restricted from rendering 10bit.

Somewhere on their site there’s a comparison of features.

Never seen a deal for Studio - except the Speed Editor keyboard deal I took advantage of.


Got both for £250. :+1:

the nfree version doesnt have 10-bit unfortunaltely :frowning:

As above - no 10bit rendering - but it reads and uses the 10bit data to full advantage.

I’m confused, that says :point_up: I can use 10-bit H264, but I’m told H264 is 8-bit and H265 is 10-bit

from DV website,

When I import a 3840x2160 H265 file it appears as ‘media offline’ and all the re-linking, restarting etc. won’t fix it.

When I import a 3840x2160 H264 file it appears OK

Having bought an AIR2S with 10-bit H265 capability I don’t really want to shoot everything in a lower quality :man_shrugging:

Then I may have been incorrect about the free version ingesting 10bit. Could have sworn I managed that before I bought studio.

Perhaps they introduced this separation with 18.

Just looked back at the project in which I first used H.265 10-bit, and it was in June 20. Definitely only had free v17 at that time, and only installed Studio early last year. (31/3/21)

Moved todays posts to this thread, since the other is more for updates. :+1:

yea witth 18 they split the 10 birt and 8 bitt, but id say stick with 17.4 as you can use both i believe #:slight_smile:

In which case, Steve, you could always try by uninstalling 18 and installing 17.