DaVinici Resolve -- 18 Released / Updated

Da Vinici Resolve 18 has just been released - and its still free :+1: :+1: :+1:


Will we need a mainframe to run it? Each new update seems to age my computer by about 10 years :exploding_head:

Please note ---- Version 18 is still beta at present so you may want to hold off upgrading until the final version is released.
Comments to date seem to suggest the beta version is quite stable particularly on Mac OS.


I always leave it until I’m prompted that there’s a new version to download. My life won’t change much not using the Beta. Also - for most people - the majority of new/changed/enhanced features are often only available in the Studio version in any case.

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If they had a new feature that read your mind for 30 secs, and an hour later you could come back to your computer and the video would have been edited and graded complete with music added - all fit to be a contender for the Palme d’Or at Cannes Film Festival … I’d be a little more excited.
But, for a bloke sat at home with his drone videos on a mid-spec laptop … I’ve not really seen anything in 18 that makes much difference.

  • Cloud Collaboration
    Yeah - we all do that … LOL! So pretty much all that section makes no difference. For those that use Proxies, it’s a slightly changed workflow, but few of us will have computing power that means it will happen in background whilst we get on with the editing.
    Those that most need proxies can’t edit until they’re all baked … and we don’t have the computing power for them to be created in background.

  • Colour
    Object masking - a version of that’s available at the moment, and the first 18 Beta seemed to not have it at all (in the two reviews I’ve seen).
    Automatic Depth Mask - might be interesting for us … in combination with De-Haze, perhaps.
    Updated Beauty FX - I’ve seen enough selfies in here to know that AI hasn’t yet reached the level needed. :stuck_out_tongue:
    Tracking moving warped surfaces - can’t think of a single instance that would have ever been of use to me.

  • Edit
    Enhanced Subtitles - Never seen a drone video that had subtitles.
    Yet more wipes to be overused? - No thanks!
    25 Channel Multicam Viewer? None of our fleet owners have 25 camera carrying drones. :laughing:

  • Fusion
    GPU Accelerated Paint - perhaps.
    Faster Text/Shape - “New memory management and data handling means …” it’s only noticeable on large memory computers that have enough of the stuff to be able to manage it. So … :man_shrugging:

  • Fairlight
    Won’t make any difference for the large numbers that don’t use sound at all, obviously, and won’t help the users choice of music when there is sound.
    As for 50 odd audio channels … :rofl:

  • Next Generation Engineering
    Apple shit won’t be of any use to large numbers of us.
    Atmospheric Simulation - not needed in the UK (Bloody weather! ... and flyability), we need Atmospheric Conditions Removal … when you’re ready, Black Magic.
    Edge Detection - yeah, possibilities.

… and yes, some people will use with non-drone video that slightly increases the possible benefits.

I’ll still wait. :+1:

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Try using ssd drives , they help more than mem ory. They speed up render times and access time


If they’re only maxing out at 25% usage, probably safe to say that isn’t the issue.

If you only use the basic editing it doesnt make a great deal of difference

Perfect. I’m struggling with endless Photoshop crashes and need a replacement :+1:. Do you know if it works well with MP4?

@SimonHayter it does indeed :slight_smile:

I’ve been a firm fan of DaVinci Resolve through all it’s 16-17 versions. However, recently I installed the latest update only to have the software crash everytime I started it. Then it started telling me that, after 2 full version cycles, my computer did not have a “supported” graphics card.

I only recovered from this by completely uninstalling the software and then installing an older version (which suddenly ran perfectly with my hardware).

I’ve been using since 13. A few times during that time I’ve had it crash after an update, but so far it’s only needed updated Nvidia drivers for my graphics card and it’s all been fine.
I kind of expect my setup to fall foul of an upgrade at some point in the not too distant future, so I always keep at least the last two update downloads in case I have to revert to one.

But, as above, things that are new won’t be essential, so that won’t worry me before i can get new hardware in a couple of years.

This feature in DVR 18 may be of interest to drone users with their own YT channels …

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2.9GB installer. :open_mouth:

Going to have a play … expecting my laptop to start waving a white flag when I play with depth masks. LOL!

Anyone else going to have a play and possibly returning to 17 … make sure you do a project database backup! You would have to restore the backup before returning to 17 since 18 plays about with the project database and makes it incompatible with 17.

Also - because of updated MS utilities - a reboot is needed after the install of 18.

I reckon I blew the GPU limit … this doesn’t look much like a sparrow hawk any more …

… although - if you look very carefully. :rofl:

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Print and frame it… it will sell in droves. :face_with_spiral_eyes::face_with_monocle: :nerd_face: :rofl:

NFTs … here I come! :+1:

Updated 18 Beta released today.

Holy smoke!!!


updated to devinci studio 18. try the depth map its easy to use