Decent job: Yorkshire Police Head of Futures and Innovation

Its a bit more than dealing with drones. Probably go to an experienced officer who will no doubt gen up on drones…get a copy of the CAA rules and work from there :laughing:
BS baffles brains…

Don’t bank on it.

A flying buddy of mine (a real one, not imaginary :crazy_face:) recently sold his Inspire via Facebook. The purchaser was a local police officer. The reason he bought it was because he uses one for work and got hooked on flying.

However my friend (still, not imaginary) had to explain the whole Registration process and legalities of flying to him as that isn’t part of Police drone training, or so he claimed.

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Wow and the police keep going on about lack of funds and being under paid , add to that retirement at 55 on a mega full pension.

Have you seen what they have done to the police pension.

I have serving mates in their 50’s who have lost 000’s and will be working a lot longer yet


The feet on the streets are drastically underpaid, the suits in the offices not so much.


No to be fair I’ve not kept up with their pension only know how it was , have to admit I’ve never been a fan as never had any positive experiences of the police, if they do have to work a lot longer now I feel that’s only fair

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30 years on the beat, getting the flack they get now is enough for anyone, and it’s not a young mans game.

I wouldn’t do it for a gold pig.


It’s the same though for many of us , I left school at 16 never been unemployed and always done hard manual work and I like many have worked hard and over time your body gets worn out but still they say work until you are 66 for a pension that’s worth in real terms nothing , to choose between 30 years or 50 years now that’s a massive gap . As I said I have never had a good experience with the police and I certainly don’t know any but they have a job to do and we pay them to do it . I think a better idea is we could all retire from 55 on a really good person that reflects what we have paid in , but that’s my personal opinion


I hear you on that, my teenage years were spent in a mining village during the miners strike 84-85.

Some memories are hard to shake.


Think there is a significant difference between flying a drone and understanding/ managing innovation.

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There are peeps from all walks of life and backgrounds here, someone may have the required skills/experience and be interested.

The Police pension does reflect what we pay in, and always has. It used to be 11% of our pay, when the government decided in 2015 to change to a new scheme without asking us, the rate went up to 12.5%, compared with a typical local government pension scheme rate of around 6%. They lost a high court battle over that change, not over the percentages, but discrimination over how the change was applied differently to some members than others. Another new scheme is formally unveiled in April 2022, but previews suggest that one is laced with discrimination too.

I don’t dispute whatever bad experiences you’ve had with the police in the past, we have our fair share of imbeciles just like every other employer, but I’m not sure how making bobbies work longer who weren’t even born when those events happened makes any kind of sense. Just my personal opinion.


I’m not disputing they pay in after all we all do and I would just love to retire on health grounds on the full pension if I stuffed up at my work rather than face the consequences but that aside I don’t want them to work longer just because I don’t like them or find them totally untrustable , I want them to work longer if the rest of us have to , surety anyone can see that is truly discrimination ,

Firstly, stuffing up at work does lead to consequences, an ill health pension isn’t rubber stamped, it has to be approved by a force doctor, and the job will do plenty to chase people to ensure it’s genuine. A friend of mine was medically retired after about 5 years in the job on the basis of a flawed diagnosis by the NHS, when it was later found out it was flawed and his legal case against the consultant was settled, the job came after him (quite rightly) for his ill health pension payout.

Secondly, you’re saying police officers should pay around twice as much as other people into their pension, and yet retire at exactly the same time? Now THAT’S discrimination. So’s stereotyping 120,000-odd people on the basis of a few personal interactions, something I’d lose my job for. Oh, the irony…

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Well everyone is entitled to their own opinions , I can understand if you are one how you would try to defend it and I would of thought maybe there are some good people in there trying their best , there has to be as they employ so many , but you have your opinion and I have mine .
As for the pension, I get you pay in more so you should get more out but the tax payers match it and how does paying in more get you to retirement age quicker , we do not get that option , I will retire long before 66 or as I hear it is now 68 , I’ve worked hard and payed off my mortgage before I was 50 but although I’ve paid in since I was 16 retirement as they class early will cost me . I think we should all be able to retire after say 58 but if so then everyone should have that . No matter what though if you are one then me and you will never agree and a drone site is definitely not the place to continue it so we must agree to disagree and move on . It’s a nice day so time to go fly .

Has anyone here applied for this job?

Having spent 41 as a serving officer and dealt with everything from missing children to murderers and on numerous occasions had to do the most upsetting/undesirable things you could imagine, I find the only thing that I can agree with in the posts from scottydog is that GADC is not the place to discuss such opinions, and have to say I am surprised that the moderators for allowing the thread to go in the direction is has.
Just my personal opinion…and in regard to the advertised job that this thread should really be about, I would be very surprised if ANY actual police officer was appointed, perhaps a retired previously senior officer but that could be the start of another “off thread” discussion.
Happy flying scottydog, hope the weather stayed good for you.

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We try to subtly bring things back on topic with replies such as:

But then people add replies that take it right back off piste again.

It’s the internet, people won’t always agree.

What can you do eh? :man_shrugging:t2:

So, let’s try again :slight_smile:

Has anyone here applied for this job?

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Apologies if I added to the off piste route.