Deliveroo by Drone?

Blimey! All those cyclists will soon be unemployed!

Kind of …
Possibly …
In countries with wide open spaces, perhaps.

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This is worrying… if more and more companies start looking into delivering product by drone … it will become more about money than anything else… What chance has the hobbyist drone flyer got?

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I was saying the other day I’d like to go to Iceland … I should go sooner rather than later.

Drone delivery in places of very low population density does make some kind of sense.

Hopefully they’ll prove it’s totally impractical before other countries undertake preparative legislation.

If your thinking about flying there, Have a read buddy im sure I read somewhere about a guy traveling to Iceland with a drone im sure there were all sorts of restrictions there already

EDIT oh it wasnt so bad …

I also see loads of drone video and pics coming from there.
Know someone there who says it’s bad news if you fly in silly places, but no-one gives a damn in the outback … which is where I’d be headed.


Pizzas anyone?