Derby - Saturday is looking good

Ok folks . Saturday is looking good this end , Derbyshire .
Anyone fancy a meet up .
We can get Bolsover castle in and a solar farm and a couple of others if you like .
No FPV racing drone are allowed for me to try , The last one i crashed in a pile of cow shit .
You fly them yourself . lol


Wish I could come. But my lads got his first rugby match of the season at 3pm. Free Sunday if you change plans.

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Working Sunday…

I am free Saturday where are you meeting up might be able to make it

I’d love to meet up. I fancy a fly around an old castle ruins but Sunday afternoons are all I have free. Perhaps another time.

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I would also like to photograph old castle ruins I should be free next Sunday

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I work Sundays . Sorry

I can do Saturday as well if you are free next week

Ok let’s do next sat. Weather permitting.

Sounds good to me