Did I catch my battery discharging?

Hoping to fly at the weekend so I just opened my drone case to check battery levels.

One of the three batteries was warm :open_mouth:

The other two were normal room temperature.

The warm battery only has three lights showing where the other two have four.

Did I catch my battery discharging itself?

Pretty sure I’ve set them to a 10 day timer, which would probably be about right.

Was just surprised at how warm it was!

Apparently they do get warm when discharging.

Must check mine before I have an explosion in my gadget cupboard. lol

OK…so this is an old tread…but just wanted to ask the question.
I guess how many days you set your battery’s to discharge - depends on your own usage and circumstances. DJI - default 10 days.
Now…I charged all mine up on Fri with the view to flying this weekend but this didn’t happen.
As I work away from home Mon to Wed in a large NFZ, it’s hardly worth taking the Mavic with me so i’m stuck with fly times of just Thurs to Sun.
Will the battery power diminish significantly over 7 days without auto discharge - thus requiring a top up ?
Wouldn’t it be better for your battery health not to keep your battery in a fully charged state for 10 days ?
Can you charge your battery from flat to storage charge with the DJI kit ?
Haven’t done too much research on this hence the post.

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It certainly won’t auto-discharge, but like most batteries you’ll probably lose a couple of percentage points, looking at my AirData (which I’ve been doing a lot of these last two days!) I see a good few of my flights start with a 97% battery, again probably just where they’ve been standing a few days.

I’ve noticed my controller drops off a few percent too, if not used for a while. It’s not discharging, just natural loss I guess?

I’ll let someone with better lipo knowledge answer the other parts of your question :blush:

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Strange that one. Sometimes mine stays at 100% for several days, sometimes it seems to drop off much faster down to about 93%.

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