Did I catch my battery discharging?

Hoping to fly at the weekend so I just opened my drone case to check battery levels.

One of the three batteries was warm :open_mouth:

The other two were normal room temperature.

The warm battery only has three lights showing where the other two have four.

Did I catch my battery discharging itself?

Pretty sure I’ve set them to a 10 day timer, which would probably be about right.

Was just surprised at how warm it was!

Apparently they do get warm when discharging.

Must check mine before I have an explosion in my gadget cupboard. lol

OK…so this is an old tread…but just wanted to ask the question.
I guess how many days you set your battery’s to discharge - depends on your own usage and circumstances. DJI - default 10 days.
Now…I charged all mine up on Fri with the view to flying this weekend but this didn’t happen.
As I work away from home Mon to Wed in a large NFZ, it’s hardly worth taking the Mavic with me so i’m stuck with fly times of just Thurs to Sun.
Will the battery power diminish significantly over 7 days without auto discharge - thus requiring a top up ?
Wouldn’t it be better for your battery health not to keep your battery in a fully charged state for 10 days ?
Can you charge your battery from flat to storage charge with the DJI kit ?
Haven’t done too much research on this hence the post.

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It certainly won’t auto-discharge, but like most batteries you’ll probably lose a couple of percentage points, looking at my AirData (which I’ve been doing a lot of these last two days!) I see a good few of my flights start with a 97% battery, again probably just where they’ve been standing a few days.

I’ve noticed my controller drops off a few percent too, if not used for a while. It’s not discharging, just natural loss I guess?

I’ll let someone with better lipo knowledge answer the other parts of your question :blush:

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Strange that one. Sometimes mine stays at 100% for several days, sometimes it seems to drop off much faster down to about 93%.

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Admin edit: Re Mavic Air 2

Yesterday I treated my self to a new rucksack for my drone & bits and bobs as I’ve been gathering more stuff the other one is getting too small - one of the batteries I charged last week ( only one out of 6 ) I didn’t make it out to use it - I no a bit about these batteries etc etc - on taking out the backpack I noticed it was a little only little bit warm compared to the depleted ones - so I stood it on its end upright which I see in a YouTube video how to store yr batteries - if you charge battery and then can’t make it out is there a way to deplete the battery or batteries or put them in hibernation mode or somthing safe ?!
Thanks in advance for any input

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Moved your post to this thread.

Thanks for that how can I set them to discharge ? If you know that is

Ive recently bought a dji mini 3 pro and I was wondering how long i can leave the batteries charged before discharging or if they can just be left and topped up before going out flying. Winter is just around the corner and the chances to fly will be way less due to bad weather and so dont want to risk ruining my drone batteries.

The batteries are ‘smart’ batteries so you should always leave them fully disconnected and give them a top-up about an hour before you go flying.