Didcot Power Station

Probably mainly of interest to other Oxfordshire based folks, but I see that it has been announced that the remaining three cooling towers will be demolished on 18 August between 6 and 8 am, might be an interesting event to capture by drone if the weather is good.

I watched them bring down the first three in 2014 and it was pretty spectacular, even if it didn’t take more than a few seconds.

Not sure where the best vantage point would be with fewer people around.


Thanks for the heads up.

Need to look out for exclusion zones and multiple official drones that they use to monitor the explosions and collapse.

Need an Inspire with a seriously good camera and a good long/zoom lens.


Yes looks like there is a timed warning now showing on Drone Assist (entitled “explosive demolition”), as well as a flight report filed by BBC for drone filming.

Definitely won’t be able to get too close but since they are well visible for miles around there should be plenty of spots to watch from (with or without drones).

Weather possibly a major barrier of course but currently a decent forecast on Sunday am.

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Anyone there today? News stories seem to show it did not go well.

Overhead power line blew up causing many homes to lose power.

Yeah we had a power cut for a good while this morning. I missed the demolition due to hangover unfortunately :man_facepalming: