Digital image to print

Hi guys
How do I get a digital photo that I take either on my iPhone or my Mavic pro to look the same on canvas etc without losing any quality etc they seam to go darker, what’s best to print on ??

You can buy canvas effect paper that can be used in your printer.

what you need is calibrartion. this will get a closer match between image and print

Hi Steve please explain how and what do you calibrate even when I print straight from my pc to my bubble jet they come out darker than what’s on my pc/ iPhone

Have a read on colour profiles, and try find what your printer uses then match it in Photoshop or your photo editor of choice

Cheers Chris I’ll have a look into

you need something like colormunki , this will setup color profiles for both display and printer. this will work from you pc , I dont think it will from your iPhone. there are other calibration devices , but not many do both print and display. what calibration does is balances the colours from black to white accord into a standard spread of colours

Thanks Steve looks like I have some research to do I thought that’s what the printer would do if they charge £100 for a large canvas surely it should look like the original ?

Ask your printer what colour profile (ICC) his equipment uses, and prepare your image to match it.

When I was selling prints for a living I used to use the Fuji Frontier ICC in photoshop to match the mini lab at my local printers, never had any hassles.