Direct video uploads no longer supported

We have taken the decision to no longer support video uploads directly to the forum.

All videos must now be upload to a suitable video hosting service such as Vimeo or YouTube.

You can then copy/paste the URL of your video in to your post here and the forum will embed a video player automatically for you. Don’t forget to put the URL on a single line of it’s own in your post.

We have taken this decision because when people upload a video directly to the forum we are not able to transcode it (we’re not YouTube) so it will only play in the native format in which it was originally encoded.

This makes it pot luck as to whether your browser/device/codec/etc combination will be able to successfully play the video or not.

Nine times out of ten this then leads to the topic of conversation for the original video being a discussion about who can play the video and who can’t, and why.

The topic very quickly then has nothing to do with the original video content itself and the poor OP is left feeling somewhat deflated.

Uploading your video to Vimeo or YouTube will ensure everyone can view it.


A shame. But understandable


Good move admins… :+1: :smiley:


Learnt this the hard way :slight_smile: good move