Disco 4G mod


Have the Huawei 4g dongle arriving today and thought I’d give the mod a try. Has anyone tried it before? Any issues to look out for?
I’m not planning on breaking any records or seeing how far it’ll fly before the battery gives up but thought It would be great to have 70-100 minutes flying time with my current batteries without the signal dropping out.
More looking forward to getting some nice shots back home of the Scottish countryside that’s a bit harder to reach


Good luck, hope you get some nice shots.


At the moment im worried about the camera after the last crash :grin: had to 3d print a new tunnel for the lense but haven’t tested it since… suppose if your gonna test then might as well do it all at once :thinking:


I’ve done a few battery mods and getting around 70+ mins fly time on a way point mission.

Interested to hear how you get on with the 4G mod, keep us updated.


Will do, currently running 4000mah at the moment with about 70 mins but it’s frustrating the limited range before the video cuts out

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