DJI Agricultural Drones

What, you mean like Tommy the Terrorist wanting to spread some bad bio-chemicals over a crowded area or something using the multi-drone feature? :wink: :grin:

Whoa! thats some beast!

WIll be showing this to my Father in law. Be interested to get a farmers point of view although if he cant fix it with a spanner and piece of string Im not sure he’s gonna be up for it! :grin:

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Thinking more like Rob the Revenger. I’m wondering if I could use DJI GO4 to control it and modify the follow me feature to track and spray a moving subjecy.

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Rob the Revenger!! lol he’s not a Marvel character is he? :stuck_out_tongue:

I bet Go4 could be programmed to do just that…in fact I know you can. Be nice (or not) to be able to scoop up poop and perhaps present to people from a height. Maybe those you dont particularly like. hahahaha

Anyone else heard of this new drone?
Imagine if these got into a terrorists hands, or Russian dictator’s, my god the damage chemicals could do to targeted areas

Only a recent version of a long exiting drone.

They do lift a load …

I was literally coming on to post this.
Amazing piece of kit.
I think about $20,000 which is a lot, but way more cost effective than a crop dusting plane

I have to say it be a big headache to have and operate. :exploding_head:

So many things can go wrong with them. I’ve just seen a few clips from dropping from the sky to having to be found and retrieved by a helicopter :roll_eyes:

The intelligence to understand and operate would be mind boggling for a paddy farmer that’s for sure.

Would help me with line of sight?

Anyone got one of these DJI T40s drones or bigger? :thinking: :scream: :rofl:

Sorry for the FB link…

I could just see the CAA asking some farmer if he could tell the orientation of the Agra when it’s a mile away at the other end of a field :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

The RMAX RC Copter has been used quite effectively, I’ve no doubt Drones will see increasinguse in the field (pardon the pun)

These machines appear to have an IC engine mounted centrally, presumably driving a generator
ETA, or is it just for the spray-pump?..or both, Im guessing about the generator function as its not going to be using the spray function when converted to drop mortar shells, though the plumbing in place looks a bit much just for the cooling system…perhaps they are only part way through conversion?

N.B Ive no idea if these are really being built for use in ukraine.