DJI Air 2 or DJI Air 2s

Dear esteemed drone pilots,

Need some advice pls. I want to sell my DJI Air 2 and buy the DJI Air 2s. MPB is offering £410. Not sure is it worth going for Air 2s.

Also I got Polar Pro set not going work with the DJI Air 2s. I love this filter set:(

The picture quality and the 5.4k is my temptation. Losing quite a lot of money. I cannot make this decision by myself. Any advices are welcome please.

Thanks in advance.

Try selling it privately, don’t get me wrong MPB are good for a quick sale if needed, but they are not known for Drone sales as much as for Camera gear.
You will love the Air 2S if and when you get one, have a browse on local Facebook selling sites and see what the Air 2 is going for, I would then sell 3% lower than the highest, and no sadly the Polar filter set won’t work on the Air 2S, but if you get the fly more you get a decent set of filters with it
Good luck


Hi Yorkie9668, thanks for your prompt reply mate. Very helpful. You’re absolutely right they do most of the camera gear.

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That’s the thing these days, so much money to lose in selling stuff, I’ve been and still am toying with the idea of selling my Air2S but even that at only a few months old I stand to lose 3-400 pounds. :exploding_head:

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Wow that’s nuts. Mine’s the same bought on the 15 Feb.
Are you going for bigger drone McSteamy2010?

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MBP are great - and very reliable - and offer a warranty on all their second hand sales.

But they are out to make a profit, so I’d very much doubt they’d offer you as much for your Air 2 as you can get selling it privately.

But if you just want to avoid the private selling too … MBP are a good choice.

As to whether it’s worth the difference you’ll have to pay to move from the Air 2 to the Air 2s … others that have had both are better to advise you, and then understand your own expectations as to the benefits from it in relation to your own requirements.


I was in the same predicament a while ago. But after looking at the specs and what more id be getting for my money i decided to op out…

But that just my thoughts on it :man_shrugging:t2:

That and the state of my bank account :rofl:


I had the Air 2, sold it when the Air 2S came out and never regretted it, far superior video and photo quality


You’ve not long had it, or at least it doesn’t seem that long :scream:

My rule of thumb … if the item I want to sell is gonna lose me more than 25% of what I paid - I keep on to it.

A good trick is to boost the price is to include a load of cheapo accessories. And take good photos, potential buyers see the photos and think “that’s a lot of kit” - this puts you above the competition on ebay at least.


I agree OzoneVibe, totally! When it comes to logistics, MPB is quite transparent. I’m gonna give it a try selling privately. Many suggests that. Thanks!

Air 2 is a very good drone with good camera etc but I’m not quite happy with the low light and still photography capability. I tried many settings and couldn’t get anything up to my expectations. Picture quality seems pretty good.

If anyone out there want to find the true image quality of the Air2s video and images, this guy let you download raw images for you to test - very helpful:

I think I’m just greedy.

I love my A2 when I just want to go out for a blast as I now consider it a throwaway drone as I do with my Mavic Mini (1))

The A2 still holds its own and if all you want to do is post to social media, then that’s the one for you.

The A2s in my view is awesome… but…… if you are never going to do anything with the footage you create except social media, YouTube.

Why spend the extra?
The only real difference is the camera. Yes it also has upward sensors and mastershots. Not forgetting a few camera settings and speeds you will never probably use.

I’m starting to say the “throwaway drone” about the A2s now I have the M3.

Mini 2 on the other hand, (jumps back in shock) how dare you ask me to part with it….!


Hey thanks for your thoughts Speatuk!

Appreciate it!

Hi all , just a quick question I’d kindly like to ask for someone who may no the answer or thoughts please.
I’ve been toying with the idea of going from my MA2 to the Air2s , I’m sure I have mentioned this before but I got let down by the seller so I want to keep it short and sweet if I can,
Ok so I don’t want to go with a smaller or sub 250g drone, ( that’s out the question )
Has anyone had first hand experience going from :point_up:t2:As above ? Is there a significantly noticeable difference in video and photo quality or is the jump not big enough to warrant and should I hold off to see what comes next , this would also suit my needs as I have quite a few spare batteries and the bigger sensor i would benefit as I do like flying at night where possible , I’m really sorry to go back to this topic but I can’t make my mind up as I don’t know if it’s worth it , I would be ever so grateful if someone could kindly help as YT and the net is very yes no , yes no :grimacing: once again apologies for mentioning this again I have till late tonight early tomorrow to decide if this is worth the punt.
I’m just hoping or guessing as regardless as to what dji might put out next in comparison or a newer version of the Air2s that the capabilities of this are enough to last for some time to come and still stands up to it’s job as some of the other older drones still do if I’m right :crossed_fingers:t2:

Move your post to a previous thread with the same question.

Your reasons ?

Hi mate , I guess as I’m half way there with all the extras if I can be completely honest , so selling everything to start again I’d probably lose more than what I wanted too , I’m seeing very nice footage with the mini 3 pro I have to admit , reason I’m steering from it is , I think I’m so used to iOS ( but I love the controller 3 pro ) and the only one or two other things is FCC ( unavailable ) :grimacing: and lastly are all the bugs and issues ironed out as at first which yes to be expected I heard a lot of complaints , as I’m still learning I feel like I’d literally be starting all over again , with the 2s I was hoping the photos and video quality would be as good as the mini 3 , so having the MA2 I’m half way there if that makes sense
Thank you all thoughts welcome

Edit : I’ve even thought go all out and get the mavic 3 but not sure I’d get the real benefits from it