DJI Air 2 v Mavic 2 Zoom Help

Hi All
I’m going round in circles trying to decide between Air 2 and Mavic 2 Zoom and being new to this topic I would appreciate any help. Here is my problem.(s)
I am a keen photographer and like to manipulate my photos on a PC However I would like waypoints as the type of aerial photography I hope to do would be much better if I could create routes before I set off.
I understand that Air 2 doesn’t support Waypoints and the Litchi may take a while to become compatible with Air 2 - is this likely to be correct do you think? Air 2 has newer software, better battery range etc. so its not unreasonable to assume that there will be a “Mavic 3 Zoom or Pro” in the near future Is the Air 2 software that much better than the Mavic 2 Zoom?
As I say any advice would be greatly appreciated

DJI Fly is different, but if you have never used DJIGO (on the MP drones) then you won’t know what you’re ‘missing’.

Litchi will become available when DJI release the developer kit for the Air 2 (I presume they will), that said with the way DJI are moving, any new Mavic may well run on DJI FLY.

Decisions, decisions

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Yes I agree its likely that DJI will switch over to the new controller and again you are right - not having any experience on either controller I can’t compare. I guess in the case of waypoint functionality DJI may have a problem in that they need to maintain a functionality differential between the two models otherwise nobody would buy the more expensive one if the features were the same
Decisions decisions…

Go for Mavic 2 zoom, you won’t regret it. It has more functionality, a great zoom for those occasions when you just can’t get close in.


Hi mate, Eugene Coventry try sky luminar pending on your pocket they have a lot to offer photography, and drone flying to improve editing you can try them for free, i have a few photography and drone not tried the drone one yet because of the weather, but have a go.

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Hi Thanks for info - I’ll give it a try. I used Photoshop for years but got fed up of subscriptions so now use Affinity

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After a few mess ups from very. Co. Uk my ,mavic air 2 has been refunded (unfixable serial number is match)

I’m about to re order should I go for…

Another mavic air 2


Mavic 2 soon for an extra £123

Very offering extra discounts due to the hassle I’ve had…

Moved your post to an identical thread.

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@Vennwood @Charles1976
I see the need to make a video on this predicament as I’m being asked this a lot! :cowboy_hat_face:

My thoughts are that both actual drones are very similar, they can fly around the same speed and cope very well in strong wind.
The Zoom is heavier and larger.
Both cameras are similar, although th 4x optical zoom is impressive and unmatched giving you more flexibility for pictures. (the “48 Mp” camera on the Air 2 is just effective pixels and almost identical in all other aspects; sensor slightly larger thou at 1/2" versus the 1/2.3" of the zoom.
Flight times similar.
Zoom has more functionality including Waypoints (in truth, I rarely use waypoints though) and its use of the Go 4 app allows far more adjustability of stick and gimbal movements. But the new Tripod mode on the Air 2 does a good job of that automatically for you.

So in short, if the zoom ability is important, go Zoom;
otherwise given that the Air 2 is smaller, quieter (just), lighter and newer, with a slightly bigger sensor and will certainly be getting more functions over the next few months, I would go for the Air 2 combo with the extra batteries, case, ND filters & charging hub. It’s a package most people will never need to upgrade.
But I think anyone would be very happy with either TBH…


As you say your interest is photography (rather than video) I would recommend the Mavic 2 Pro. The 1” sensor will give you much better raw files to process than the smaller sensor on the zoom. I went for this and was not disappointed. I process the images in Lightroom/photoshop combo.


Is it worth waiting for the air 2 to come with the ADS-B though ? As that’s the only thing stopping me going for the air 2 .

Adjustable aperture is the game changer :wink:


I think only you can answer that one @scottydog :slight_smile:

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It’ll be interesting to see when they drop the MP3 if comes with it

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I wish I could lol absolutely no idea when it’s coming fitted and no info available, think I might just stick with the mini and forget upgrading until next spring , hopefully they might have sorted out what is happening by then

DJI said all new models from 2020 would include it as standard.

But then, well, you know…


I did a bit of research on ADS-B and I understand that any DJI drone with ADS-B will only be receiving data from other aircraft that are transmitting.

What I couldn’t find was any information about any autonomous evasive action the drone might take in the event that it picks something up.

I can well imagine sh*tting myself the first time I receive an alert and having perhaps only a few seconds to react properly.


No action, you just get a message on the screen of your app.

I forget the specs but ADS-B has some serious range on it?

I’m quite sure you’ll have way more than just a few seconds to react :slight_smile:

I also can’t help wondering if this feature would only be useful if you frequently encounter low flying aircraft on most of your flights? :man_shrugging:

No. Ads-b is not widely used in Europe and you will always see or hear the aircraft before ads-b actually warns you.
I am annoyed that DJI promised it on all drones but then left out Europe, but we’ve done without it fine so far… So I’d get it…



Thanks Ian, I had been thinking that it might be able to get a CE and classification retrospectively but I guess as the CAA have ruled there will be no retrospective classes given then it’s not worth waiting, although it would be sad to buy one without and then it’s available with it a week later , I agree that it was promised so should be fitted .