DJI Assistant 2 windows10

Just had a new Vista ( Yep another 1 Karl :rofl: :man_facepalming:t3: ) but having an issue plugging linking to my Pc (Windows 10) the cable is good as it links to BFb with no problem. Iv checked some of the older threads on here and tried some of the hints and tips, launch as admin ect.

Im thinking of trying an older version of Assist but cant seem to find one, please could anyone point me in the direction of an earlier copy?.

I’m no expert have you tried dji assistant for ( consumer drones ) .

That’s a new 1 never come across that before, just found a link on here but will defo look into that cheers mate :+1:t3:

Yes give it a go , someone had same problem the other day , I said give it a go and it worked , that’s all I know to my knowledge , good luck

Cheers buddy Iv just tried a diff version i.e older still no luck…

Ill give this 1 a whirl :+1:t3:

Just an FYI it lets you know its the wrong software for it :+1:t3:

But thanks again…

No worries worth a check , what drone is it ?

All sorted no thanks mate ended up being the FPV version, just updating now :+1:t3: