DJI Assistant 2

How or where can you download a copy of DJI assistant 2 for pc. I’ve been on the DJI web site and download a copy from there but when I open it up it will not recognise the drone and does nothing at all my son’s drone need a major reset as the amount of errors on it the drone it’s self says connect to a pc.If any 1 can help

Hi @jideakin08 and welcome to Grey Arrows :slight_smile:

You can download DJI Assistant from our very own Downloads section:

Which drone does your son have?

We both have the mavic pro

Have you tried a different USB cable? It’s amazing the amount of them I’ve acquired that only charge and don’t support data. Caught me out a few times.

What errors is it showing?

Whats it not showing gimble over load,calibration,vision sensor there the main 3 with the gimble the camera is moving all over the place.

Was it involved in a crash or just happened?

Just happened was out with them a few weeks ago kept on asking to be celebrated ever few minutes and the went from there.

I will go out and buy a new lead today and download the assistant again and go from there.

tolds me that I am not allowed to access ?

Downloads are only available to full GADC members I’m afraid!