DJI Avata 2 - Do I need a spotter?

Hi been looking at the avata 2, and i am wondering if you want to fly this using the headset, you need someone else with you to watch the surrounding area? so you can never fly this in public by yourself?

To abide the drone code you need a spotter

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that is what i thought, that is the only thing is really putting me off this, apart from that looks amazing fun, and alot of possibilites, thanks for helping me

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I always use a spotter but I have seen some pilots fly without one, and nothing bad happened.


You can fly this inside without a spotter, otherwise its fpv airspace rules when outside and that means you have to have a spotter who understands what they need to do, its like driving a motor vehicle, you have to abide by the rules of the road like never going over the speed limit as we never ever would !! Would we :wink:

I just like to know the rules, so i know where i stand , if people keep pushing boundaries of rules sometimes rules become that tight the fun that once was will be gone, that is just what i think, Maybe i am thinking about to much about drone auditors they technically are not doing anything wrong, but if they keep pushing it could harm everyone. But i hope i am wrong.

Of course we would not do that… He says checking the post each morning for a letter that is imminent.

Well if you fly safely and don’t be an idiot and post “illegal” flights on socials you’ll be fine.

Auditors are different than you might be flying in middle of nowhere without a spotter at a safe low height FPV. They antagonise people for clicks… Very different from someone going a little out of LOS of flying once or twice safely without a spotter.

I’ve flown whoops indoors then out a window and in an other. Guess technically no spotter, but I don’t think I’d enjoy flying without a spotter out and about. I’d be paranoid of a farmer creeping up on me.

If you go 71 on a motorway… Meh … you’ve broken the rules. Would you get fined… Doubt it

I think flying an fpv through woods for a sustainable amount of time where you can not see the drone with out a spotter is like doing 71mph on a motorway with your eyes closed, or driving in general, but vlos for seconds on a normal drone doubt anything will happen at 200 300ft in the air.

One feasible workaround ive starting testing is buying the controller 3, connecting the goggles to the phone and mounting the phone in front of your face with say a neck or chest mount so you can see the drones camera view and warning messages. This means you don’t need a spotter as you’re not wearing the goggles. I find this useful for when I’m on my own and for training and watching with VLOS directly how the drone responds to inputs in manual mode.

I think you’ve missed the point of fpv flying


It’s an alternative that you have when you don’t have a spotter, and when you have just the one drone. I’ve seen the question come up elsewhere about VLOS flying with avata 2 and that it’s not possible. Sometimes you just can’t do an FPV. But I’m glad I could enjoy your witty pearl of wisdom, looking forward to more.


It’s ultimately your decision, but as others have mentioned, to follow the rules, you always need someone with a line of sight. Additionally, having a spotter is helpful in case you crash, as they can guide you to the location of the crash.

What’s the point of first person view if you’re not getting first person view

Stick with a decent Air or Mavic

Not everyone has the choice of multiple drones. Instead of taking the ‘questionable’ option of FPV without a spotter, an option exists to do both with Avata 2. A drone is an expensive investment and nice to know you have a bit of both worlds in one before saving up pennies for the next. Also been useful flying without FPV to view how manual mode works which I’m also new too.

Heh it’s addictive “next”. That is a fair point.

Flying manual/acro LOS is very hard, so that’s impressive. Using the “oh crap” button much?

First drone, and really happy with it. FPV is an amazing experience. I didnt see the appeal of drones until I tried a demo. Just got the RC3 controller after getting bored with motion controller. It’s alot more engaging.

Started with sim training, then found a sportsfield to crash on, bought the DJI insurance soon after :). Still learning basic control so no acro yet, taking it easy.

oh crap button is excellent, and having the stop motors button on the controller comes in handy when it starts to mow the grass

Considering whether to buy rubber bumpers for the prop guards, but things ive read say its also not worth it or changes the flying characteristics negatively.