DJI Avata 2, Goggles 3 - Rumours, leaks, gossip and general discussion

  1. DJI Avata 2 - 410 dollars
  2. DJI Avata 2 kit (one bat) - 823 dollars
  3. DJI Avata 2 kit (3 bat) - 960 dollars

One button Acrobatics :smile:

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The one button acrobatics sounds like a hangover from the easy Syma drones 10 years back.
Absolutley shite but I wonder how many will fall for it.

Sounds like this version is firmly focussed on the non FPV purists.

A shame really as the Avata with some stability improvements could be a great

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I had one. The novelty wore off in about 30 seconds.

Think parrot did it years ago as well with the Bebop.

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I had a few, my first drones were Syma. In fact I still have them.

Yes, I think it was the parrot AR drone as a mate had one.

The Bebop may have had that but I can’t remember, the bebop 2 didn’t from my recollection.

What’s wrong with the 2 stick aerobatics?



Prices OOPS :grinning:

  • Avata 2 Fly more combo $999
  • Avata 2 only $489
  • Goggles 3 $499
  • FPV RC 2 $199
  • RC Motion 3 $99

Yeah saw them and thought wow great price. If those goggles work with O3/vista might be time for an upgrade heh (though still like the 120fps over 100…}

No wonder your avata up for sale heh

Though change to £ and add 20 percent likely for UK lol

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No Chance DJI arent daft

Also, have you noticed the fly more combo has only one battery :man_shrugging:

Additional battery $129 :scream:

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And no charge hub :scream: that will set you back $59

Oh I’d expect em to work with O3, unlikely the vista/oh airunits, but maybe in months. Doubt nay technical hardware reasons not to

The G2/Integra’s and V2 work with all DJI airunits, their backwards compatible hasnt been awful.

Only the V1s very OG that don’t work with everything in market now. Doubt mine will work with the avatar2 (O4 if it comes out)

We will see soon but I suspect they will move this just to O4 and then O5 whenever that will be

Maybe not at launch, but sure O3/oh avata etc be soon.

My analogue goggles don’t work with HDZero, walksnail or any DJI unfortunately :rofl::rofl:

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But why would they make them compatible? the newer drones are all O4 and they will work with them

Looking forward to seeing price drops on 03 air units

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Hahahahaha… hahaha… ha… ha… no wait what? You serious? Vista/runcam link never dropped in price (well the link was cheaper, but the wasp a worse camera!). What is it anyways? £210 with a 5% off at HRC? So £200ish? O4 isn’t announced, but won’t be hard to make (just a case around a simplified board without FC/ESCs), should follow a few months after this Avata2 like the O3 followed the Avata.

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