DJI Care Refresh *Express*

I finally got round to returning my damaged Mini 2 following an accident during the GADC Birthday Comp.

I had Care Refresh, but hadn’t used it till now. I think I paid £45 at the time, then another £45 excess for this claim. The process was easy online, when completing the form, it said I was elligible for Refresh Express which I hadn’t heard of before. For those like me who didn’t know, it means as soon as you drop the your damaged drone at the couriers (a local UPS shop for me), at the same time, they post out a replacement. DJI do not wait until they receive it for any sort of inspection.

I dropped mine at the UPS shop yesterday morning at 11am, here in Swindon. I have just had the tracking supplied by DJI showing the new Mini 2 replacement will be delivered tomorrow. That is some service! I was expecting to be without the Mini 2 for at least a week, but instead it’s a 48 hour turnaround :grin:

Happy days :+1:


Ditto - but how does one know if one is eligible? Any clues?

(Not that I think it would be relevant for my 5 year old MP … even had I ever had Care Refresh … just asking for others.)

Sadly not. I just completed the form, and the offer popped up. I haven’t claimed before, maybe that factors in. Not sure. For standard care refresh, do folk have to still pay a £45 excess? As that is what I was charged for the express route.

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Thats good service. We are quick to complain if we get a rotten service so thanks for posting this and well done DJI for a top service!


Hello Clinkadink,
This is Dennis just reading your message about DJI Care Refresh, l was recently in the same situation with Mavic Mini 2, two of the back motors went, l agree with you that when you start the process, the turnaround is indeed quick!

You mentioned that you had JI Care Refresh, if you still have your DJI Care Refresh Service Plan Agreement, take a look at the section under Clauses, it may answer some of your questions, l hope you see what l mean, Cheers.

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Thanks Dennis, will do :+1:

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Yes, I am normally second in the queue - the Mrs being first :rofl:

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Has anybody tried claiming for a ‘lost’ item eg. an Osmo Action Cam.?
Is there a route for getting a replacement without sending the item back?

Yep, I can guess what the answers will be but a guys gotta try, hasn’t he :thinking:

Fly away :wink:

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Apparently for a fly away the take logs from the handset to confirm that it did in fact fly away and was flown away or safely landed somewhere

Would ‘fly away’ from a crashed drone count?
but cameras don’t fly far :smiley:

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Well, it’s tomorrow. And it’s just arrived. I only posted back my old Mini 2, gimbal cover and prop strap … nothing else, no original box, props, batteries or controller. I have received a brand new, sealed, Mini 2, minus the controller and battery. Excellent service, and just under 48 hours door ‘back to’ door :wink:

I had to pair it again and then bind to my account, plus a battery firmware update. But it only took a couple of minutes before being airborn :grin:


Now you don’t have a prop guard as you sent it back and didn’t get one?

No, they sent me everything, except the controller and battery. So yes, I have a brand new prop guard.

Ah ok, I thought it was just a Mini 2 box with just the drone in it so no prop guard. I guess they know if you have a fly more or standard and to send the prop guard or not.

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Hi Clinkadink,

Thanks for sharing! I dropped my broken FPV at a shop in Southampton on 20th Dec and then contacted DJI Support. They said they will hurry but have to be after they received the broken one.

You know the custom clearance is always tricky. Just wondering if you still have a screenshot of the UPS update of your parcel sending to Netherlands. It’ll be much easier if they could send the replacement before they receive it, just as your case. Many thanks and have a good Xmas!


Hi William. Sounds as if you have used the standard Refresh, and not Express. UPS delivered my broken M2 to Holland the next the day, I received confirmation of this. If UPS collected yours from the shop yesterday, it should be with DJI today. If you’re lucky, they may ship a replacement out tomorrow, which typically takes 1-2 days to arrive.

Thanks! I double-checked and it’s all Express service for both DJI Refresh and UPS. Guess it’s just I’m not lucky and got stuck at Stansted awaiting clearance or something, even though I got all the paperwork attached. Seems not really possible to get it before Christmas.
Anyhow, thanks again for the reply and have a good xmas!

Has anyone had to wait an age for the UPS label/packaging from dji when making an express service care claim.
I received a ups reference 2 weeks ago but no label has been shipped. Is it worth just sending it back myself with the reference number on?

I received mine next day via email, printed it out and stuck to parcel. Check your emails again, and spam box.