DJI Care Refresh problem

I’m pleased to hear it, thanks for the update!

They’re funny people, DJI. I bought my first drone from Argos and was never offered Refresh, on chasing this up, it turns out the drone source is why! At no stage was I warned of this either from DJI or at Argos.
There needs to be something in place to warn people of this. I could easily have bought directly from DJI.


My experience so far - as I take another step forward and two steps back - is that they’re genuinely, incredibly keen to help**. And utterly inept. And hamstrung by awful back-end systems.

** They could, of course, simply be grinf**king me. But I don’t think so.

UPS now have it, so we’ll see what happens next - thanks everyone for the advice and the confirmation of what should happen!

5 - 7 days you will have a new one

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Impressed with UPS. Dropped it off at my local phone repair shop, which is our nearest drop off, at 2.14 yesterday afternoon. It’s currently out for delivery in Eindhoven. I know that’s how it’s supposed, but it rarely does!

A couple of updates. The drone is being damage assessed in the Netherlands. DJI has confirmed they cannot change the EUR policy to a GBP one. Amazon has conceded that they sold a SKU they should have and promised a refund, when I return the piece of card with the (registered, activated and now used) activation code. Amazon says it has no mechanism to deactivate the policy but needs the card returned to close the loop for its systems (watch out for a ‘refurbed’ EU DJI Car Refresh offer on Amazon). DJI says they’re happy to sell me a GBP package, when Amazon deactivates the EUR one (which is says it can’t) because you can’t have two active - provided the drone is within 30 days of purchase (which they’ve known from the start that it isn’t).

So, I think I will have the remaining 20 months of cover with the same constraints (no Premium Express, manual override of a paid repair by CS every time I need to use it), for free. Which isn’t what I wanted, but is better than I thought I’d have.

Worst case, the Amazon CS rep was wrong and they can and do deactivate it when I return the card and I end up with no cover and no way of getting cover.

Neither Amazon nor DJI comes out of this very well, but at the moment DJI is behind by a nose.

Update… DJI is now implying that they won’t complete the current claim because Amazon has offered me a refund… You couldn’t make it up.

Assessed and approved. They’re estimating 2-3 days for the repair, so I might have it for the weekend, but certainly by next week.

And I think - although it’s not entirely clear - that they’ve managed to convert my EUR policy to a GBP one, so I won’t be processing the Amazon refund if that’s the case.

Now showing as repaired and ready to ship!

I’m sure that’ll be a replacement :+1:t2:

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I’ve had Care Refresh in the past but luckily never had to use it. I switched to insurance the last 2 years. When I had my first Mini, the stories about support weren’t good with support being declined. Read far more positive stories in the last year so maybe they’ve improved.

Glad to hear you’ve got it sorted and who knows, Amazon may yet refund you anyway because they really do move in mysterious ways :rofl:

I’d read that as “replacement authorised” :blush:


The 30 day limmit only aplies to items you changed your mind about and want to return, but it very effectively persuades people to not excercise their legal rights. Call Amazon on 0800 279 7234 for all other returns/. refunds.

We’ll see. I hope so but it went through the non-Premium Express, paid-for-repair route because of the currency problem. At least if they repair it I might get my SD card back!

As everyone predicted, brand new M3P arrived back this morning, 7 days after I sent the dead one back. So I just need to remember to remove the SD card next time.

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Next? :scream:

Well, hopefully not - but I didn’t intend to crash it this time…