DJI Care Refresh problem

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong, but I can’t seem to start a DJI Care Refresh repair/return.

The website recommends the Express service and recognises that I have a valid policy, but when I try to start the process it says

Warning Tip:

Sorry, your DJI Care Service is unavailable at this repair center, so DJI Care Express cannot be requested.

So I tried Basic and it says

Warning Tip:

Sorry, your DJI Care Service is unavailable at this repair center, so DJI Care Express cannot be requested.


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That’s just annoying…

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Just puts me back into a look with the ‘Oh no you can’t’ message…


Working Fine my end

You did select the correct

That bit works. I get to here -

and then when I select the M3P I get

Call them or start an online chat, they answer very quick

I take it the Drone and care refresh was bought in the U/K

That turns out to be the problem. The Chat person was very helpful. The drone and Care Refresh were bought from Amazon UK but the Care Refresh is apparently in EUR (it was priced and I paid in Sterling). It’s all under way - I’m waiting for the shipping label.

The most annoying thing is that the currency discrepancy means their system won’t accept it as a UK repair, so I can’t (ever) use the Premium service and won’t get a replacement immediately, I’ll have to wait for the repair process, which they say they’ve expedited. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve paid for the service and at no point did they give any indication that I wouldn’t get what I paid for. Particularly annoying as I bought two years of cut-down service… :frowning:

Or email

I’d be having a chat with Amazon, was it from the Amazon DJI site?

It was, but all Amazon would be able to do is refund me. The drone was bought in November, so a new Care Refresh policy couldn’t be applied because it’s now outside the 30 day limit for attach.

DJI are looking into it.

Got help through the DJI Forum - but I will keep that in my back pocket. Thanks.

There’s a chance you bought it on Amazon UK … but the item was “sold/fulfilled by”.

Had that before myself. Just missed it when clicking “Buy”.



UK company, UK VAT number. Nothing to suggest it’s not a UK SKU.

This is a bit of a worry, though - if you click on the link to the item…

Amazon doesn’t seem to sell DJI Care Refresh at all now.


Maybe DJI have pulled the product from their store while they sort out the issue your refresh claim has highlighted?

Knowing DJI, I doubt that’s the reason but you never know.

The CS rep seemed to know what the issue was straight away, so I don’t think I’m the first…

I now have a return label, but no confirmation about whether a replacement unit will be sent as per the Care Express Premium terms.

Do UK CR returns usually go to the Netherlands, or is there a UK repair centre?

Everything goes to the Netherlands.

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You won’t till they receive it and check its in the box

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Those of you who’ve done this before - what should I actually send back? The case details page on the DJI website says

Recommended return components:Other accessories used with the product (if any)/Battery/Remote Controller/Aircraft and Gimbal Protector

but I’m inclined just to send back the aircraft and the gimbal protector - and possibly the battery, although the drone fell on its nose, so I think it’s incerdibly unlikely that the battery’s damaged.

I have a couple of bookings in April. It should be back in time but I can’t see why they would want/need the controller and, worst case, if there is a delay I can buy an M3P without a controller while I’m waiting…

Just the Drone

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