DJI Care Refresh Vs Heliguy Repair Refresh for a DJI Mini 2 - are either worth it? Does anyone have any experience of both?

Currently thinking of buying a DJI Mini 2 and when looking up their Care Refresh package I stumbled across Heliguy Repair Refresh. Does anyone have any experience with the latter?

Is it even worth buying a ‘care’ package for a Mini 2 if you’re a beginner flyer? I don’t mind doing my own repairs, I enjoy tinkering and taking things apart, am very proficient at soldering (including the very small surface mount reflowing, replacing parts, etc).

I believe the Heliguy warranties are only available to those who buy the drone from Heliguy.

The DJI care packages are worth it in my opinion as you never know - accidents happen.
Although I’m fairly proficient with repairs due to flying and crashing whilst flying fpv - I’d prefer to not mess about with my DJI when care covers it for a fairly small cost.

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Thank you. I’ll continue to have a ponder - just did a bit of googling and I do notice that replacement parts aren’t exactly cheap so it may be best to go for DJI’s repair package.


and as newer drones are released the parts become harder to find

DJI were brilliant when SHMBO reversed into a tree and bu99ered the camera.

Definitely :+1:

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