DJI Dcinelike and H264 Mini 3 Pro

Just throwing a heads up here in case no one has come across it yet.

I usually film in H264 on my mini 3 pro and normal colour profile.

Today I tested dcinelike and had it on H264 as normal.

When i got home, none of that footage will either play in Windows Media Player (although VLC happily plays it) or shows up as a media file in Davinci Resolve Media Pool.

Loads of research and some more testing, I now know that D-Cinelike in H264 jsut will not play in Resolve or media player.

Record your d cinelike in H265, and its fine in both.

I’ve managed to convert the footage I got today into a 10 bit H265 profile using Handbrake, but what a PITA.

Hopefully this might save someone else the hassle.

I’ll just use H265 for everything going forward


It’s been fine for me, but I use a Mac. Plays fine in IINA and Final Cut Pro opens them fine for colour grading.

Isn’t there a codec you need to install for it to play in the default Windows player. Look in the Windows Store.

I’ll fire up the Windows 11 laptop next time if I can remember.

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I film on the Mini 3 at weddings in D-Cinelike H264. It won’t play in Windows but works fine in DaVinci.

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Sorry, yes I should have mentioned Windows

Do you have the full version of davinci or basic?

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I’ve got the full Studio version.

I did read somewhere that might be part of the reason

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so is anyone else having a weird issue with downloading footage or dragging it onto your editing software for it to say it wont go over?
cause i have seemed to of ran into an issue of the MP4 H.264, ,D-CINELIKE profile but others are fine and on the pc it wont show a thumbnail and wont drag onto the software basically useless footage.
anyone having this issue?

Moved your post to the thread where this has been discussed.

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i have the samer issue buddy i have noticed seems to be the h.264 d-cine profile onl;y thats messed :frowning: every otherr weorks fine and im gutted as i chased a paramotor and got some alright footage but duno what to do witth the footage :frowning: cause i cant edit it.

Any other machine to try it on ?

Does it open in handbrake ?

no other machine to try it on aand not tried handbrake

Worth a go.

Got a clip you can share via to see if others don’t have the same problem?

  • Which Windows version are you on?
  • Does it play in VLC?
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im on win 10 and yea it will play on VLC

I spent hours converting mine with handbrake, but it was so hard to edit it (stuttering) in davinci i just gave up and deleted the lot.
Thankfully it wasnt something I was that bothered about.
Im jsut going to record everything in 265 from now on. It might even tempt me to try out 60fps as that gets locked onto 265

I had some issue with my DJI FPV when I first got it, went here…now able to edit /play and render 264 / 265

Anyone willing to share the original of one of these files that doesn’t play ball in Win10 or Davinci Resolve … to see if my laptop treats them differently?

Albeit from my old MP - no issue with 4k H.254 DCinelike … having just taken a test clip.

Tend to always use D-Log … since DR has the colourspace converter for it.

Must remember to reset my MP to D-Log.

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Here’s a screenshot off the OLED TV which I use to check the colour grading, it’s Dji FPV D-Cinelike H265 which I’ll admit I hardly use….

Taken earlier to test.

I was meaning an actual original video file to try on my setup.