DJI Fly app & Z Flip 3 (Android 11)

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I’ve searched and found nothing on here or on t’internet.

I take delivery of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 on Friday and wondered if the DJI Fly app is fully compatible with Android 11, the latest offering?

As I understand it the last release of the app, 1.4.8 solved the known issues with Android 10 but has anyone got experience of it working or not with Android 11?

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I got the Flip 3 last Friday as an early delivery. Seems to work fine. Have.only used it folded so far but DJI Fly works okay.

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Cheers Rich,

Incidentally, good phone?

I’m treating it very carefully. I didn’t have an earlier version but folding screen technology still blows me away. Just tried with DJI Fly unfolded. Works fine.

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Take a look here

And for the Go 4 app

My Huawei isn’t listed there and that works fine. There are a lot of Android phones and tablets that the Fly app works with that aren’t listed. It’s not a definitive list (understandably) and can’t be relied upon to any great extent. If the Fly app is 100% compatible with Android 11, which I assume it is as they’ve got a link to Android 12 Beta, then I will also assume I’m good to go

The App may work on your mobile even if it is not listed, but and here is the bummer…if you have an accident or require a repair or fly away…and the mobile is NOT supported…DJI have the right to refuse as you used an unsupported device…and they often do refuse for using an unsupported device

I would argue that precisely due to the fact there are hundreds of different Android devices that work with the Fly app without any issue that they are in effect supported. There are millions of DJI pilots out there using devices that aren’t on that list and I’ve got to say I’ve never ever heard of a refresh claim being refused due to the device it was bound to.

If you go on TechRadar they have a list they are continually updating and they list them all as ‘Supported Devices’, many of which aren’t on the official DJI website.

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I had a problem with my DJI mavic 2 pro, and use the iPhone 11, it connects ok but as it is not supported DJI refused to entertain me. As they said, the iPhone 11 is not a supported device all supported devices are listed, and as I was using an unsupported device they could not help. It was also pointed out that the use of unsupported devices, that cause fly away or an accident will null and void the gaurentee . I can only say what I have been told…I would strongly ask DJI if the device is unsupported…other wise you might come a right old cropper…I would also say…DJI are the manufacturer not tech radar…DJI are the ones that gaurentee the aircraft in the first year…or second year…they are the ones who will say yes or no…not techradar

I understand that but yours is the first I’ve heard of DJI not upholding a claim due to the device used. Their list is remarkably short when considering the amount of different Android devices that do work with the app and yet, as i say yours’s is the first case I’ve heard of.

I strongly suggest you speak with DJI wether they would honour the guarantee if used on an unsupported device…

I suppose it’s in the wording.

Their website merely states.
3) Damage caused by using your DJI product together with a non-DJI product or third-party accessory/software that is not authorized by DJI.

Now, is an DJI ‘unsupported’ yet fully compatible phone/tablet classed as a third party accessory?

Mmm, I’ll email and ask the question because there must be millions out there that have paid for the Refresh package unaware it may be completely useless.

Yep…they said to me that DJI had NOT yet Supported the iPhone 11 and would only help on supported devices…I have DJI refresh as well…though now I have the DJI smart controller

Had a conversation with DJI and this is what they said.

I fly a Mini 2 with a Huawei Mediapad M5 Lite 8 inch and a new Samsung X Flip 3 phone both of which are not listed on your website and supported. Does this invalidate my Care Refresh service I took out when I bought the drone?

We do apologize hearing this situation but don’t worry as we will do our best to help you. But before anything else, can I ask the serial number of the Mini 2?

Supplied the drone serial number…

Alright! Thank you and upon checking it, it won’t affect or take out your Care Refresh service plan so no worries for that.

So, although they are not supported on your website should I need to I can still claim?

Yes, you can still claim it but in order to enjoy more features with the specifications of the Mini 2, you need to have the supported devices though.

Yes, I realise that but as long as I can still claim while using those devices that’s OK with me.

And yes, don’t worry because the service plan is attached with the serial number of the device.

So, although not recognised on their website you can still make a claim through Care Refresh regardless of what phone/tablet you use with the Fly app.

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Update. Flew with it the other day and no problems at all and the screen is markedly better/clearer that even my S10, and that was damn good.

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