DJI FPV - 3rd flight testing new rates before manual mode

Apologies for the long video, testing out new rates and tired a bit of free flow, next step is manual mode.

Nice flying… Do the gain & expo values actually affect Normal and Sports mode? I though they only affected Manual mode. Just checked the manual and it states the following:

Only for manual? I’d leave them at defaults for the first few manual tests you do, and take it slow on 20 degrees gimbal angle (I love being able to change the angle mid flight!)

With regards manual mode, just get used to being able to press the emergency button (left side top front), which will put you into normal mode. I’d practise that high. Also have loosened the throttle stick (which makes N/S modes weird!)

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Pretty sure they only affect when in manual

Plus just found this on reddit:


I’ve not tested.

Also finally… If you’ve never flown FPV acro before, please please do some practise in a SIM… The DJI FPV isn’t cheap to repair. I can confirm that whilst the buttons don’t work on PC sims the sticks do

Also once you fly manual you’ll probably never use the other modes again

:point_up::point_up::point_up: This (other than take off/landing)

haha thanks, it felt different maybe my flying has gotten better.

There is a big open field/construction site behind where I live, planning on taking it as high as I (legally) can and practice.

You can take off in full manual and land fairly easily too