DJI FPV Drone for £999 22/08/2021


Just seen an ad for the DJI FPV drone at Jessops for £999 thought I’d share for anybody interested.


(Please note that it’s a back order)

Same price everywhere atm, currently on offer. In stock at Argos :+1:t2:

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Also in stock at £999 on Amazon too :+1:t2:

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Probably a safer bet to purchase from Argos rather than Jessops lol still unsure what’s going on with Jessops last I heard they was going into administration but i didn’t really follow the story if it happened or not lol

I’m sure they go bust at least once a year :rofl:

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I got an Air 2s from Jessops recently.
A friend of mine gave a £150 discount voucher.

Delivered the very next day.