DJI FPV Drone price drop

I think a few of us may have noticed the significant price drop from £1249 to £999 for the DJI FPV Drone bundle from the likes of Jessops, Curry’s, Argos, etc.

Yesterday the price at Argos was £999

This price drop peaked my interest, especially as my wife works for Argos and receives a 10% staff discount. Then she informs me that the discount will be increased to 15% for this coming Saturday and Sunday, making a further saving of £150 or £849 for the bundle.

However earlier today I was about to make the order and the Argos price is back up at £1249.

This isn’t the first time we’ve experienced this. A few months back my wife and I were thinking of upgrading our antiquated TV for a new LG Smart thingy. Argos had the TV at a discounted price so we decided to wait until the next staff discount weekend. However come the weekend the TV was up at full RRP. After the weekend when the staff discount offer had expired the TV was back at the discounted price. It transpires Argos do this on purpose where they will increase the price of desirable, usually electronic, items during periods of where extra staff discount is being offered and then reduce the prices once the discount period has expired in the hope that staff will spend.

I’m not particularly upset, it would have been a nice addition to my fleet for the money, but I won’t be losing sleep for not having it in my fleet.

So for anyone thinking of buying the DJI FPV Drone from Argos, wait until next week as it will be back down to £999 on Monday morning.

Staff only get discount on set weekends? thats proper fucked up


It’s usually 10% for all Argos and Sainsbury’s employees. But sometimes they raise it to15%. However when they do this the prices go up and even with the extra discount the items cost more than if they bought them earlier without the discount.


DJI Drone yesterday was £999 without discount.

This weekend it will be £1249, subtract 15% and it will be £1050

Its almost like they do it on purpose :stuck_out_tongue:

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Still £999 on Amazon …

And if you don’t mind Amazon Warehouse (returns), it can be had for £929.

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It’s the DJI Autumn Sale, the price should be the same everywhere :thinking:

More here: heliguy™ Autumn Sale - Save up to 40% on Tech and Accessories

Curiouser and curiouser.

Earlier this morning Jessops, and I think Heliguy, were advertising the bundle at £999, now the price is £1249 again on both sites. Curry’s and Amazon are still listing at £999.

Over the weekend Ian (Mads Tech on YouTube) was speculating that the price drop was due to poor sales of the Fpv drone in the UK. With some vendors returning to the £1249 price I’m beginning to think this price drop might not have been sanctioned by DJI and some vendors have been threatened with having their hands slapped for going against the will of the DJI Overlords, and my conspiracy theory about Argos was just paranoia. Or am I perpetuating another conspiracy theory. To be honest I’m having a hard time understanding what’s real and what’s not real lately.

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Buuuuuuyyyyy the droooooonnne!

I may do. I’ll wait and see if Argos drop the price back to £999 and use the standard 10% staff discount. I’ll use the excuse that it will be for therapeutic purposes until my motor skills return to normal and I can start flying my proper FPV minions again.

Good deal on the batteries 2 pack £214

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How do we determine its intelligence?

Probably doesn’t need to be charged in a biscuit tin

Stupid is as stupid does.

Why are you obsessed with biscuit tins? is this a side hustle when you aren’t delivering milk?

Busted 🕵️‍♂️

Ebay have also had a 20% discount from selected sellers on this past few days, and this also usually results in some cheeky sellers raising their prices. If Argos are included in the ebay discounts, then that could be the reason for the price going back up early.

It’s cheeky as fuck, why I often price monitor stuff before jumping in, unless i’m desperate.

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I now see that Curry’s and Amazon have changed their prices back to RRP.

All of these above-mentioned shops did the same thing with the DJI Air 2S combo’ a couple of months ago. - it kept getting reduced to £999 and then going back up to £1169 over a period of a week or two.

I wouldn’t buy a sausage from Amazon Warehouse, it is rife with returns where the purchaser has removed items to repair their faulty goods, I watched a YT video on it months ago
i.e. a damaged gimbal and camera, they buy new, take the new gimbal and camera and return the faulty one in place of theirs, I used to buy from the Warehouse but too many items turn up with parts missing or you just know why it was returned


I don’t doubt that happens. There are a lot deviants out there who have no respect. That said, I buy shed loads from Amazon, e.g 178 orders this year, and at least 10% are from Amazon Warehouse. Been a member for the last 14 years, and must be luckly. Because I have never had an issue.

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DJI FPV Combo, used, ‘excellent condition’ @ £899.

I have never used this website. Though it seems legit. It buys and sells camera equipment. Most of the less postive reviews seem to be regarding customers selling equipment to the the company. Head office is in Brighton, and another now in New York. Website registrant is based in East Sussex. Company House records seem fine.

I am not after one, only posting in case anyone is interested. Obviously, do your own homework before parting with any cash.

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