Dji fpv huge discounts long lead time

Hey guys.

Not usually one to post up stuff like this. It given the price it’s hard for not to try and tempt some of you over to the dark side…

Dji hd fpv goggles and air unit bundle are shockingly cheep for the next few days. Yes the lead time is long but total bargain!

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Processing time “47 Business Days” :scream::scream:, that’s nearly 10 weeks.

I’ve bought from Banggood many times and on the whole I’ve been very pleased with their service. However this sounds very similar to a practice that Gearbest were very heavily criticised for. GB would take orders for an item that had been heavily discounted but wasn’t in stock, that wouldn’t stop them from taking the full payment. After a period of time they would then inform those that had ordered the item that there had been problems securing the shipment from the manufacturer, and then offer a refund but only as store credit.

Call me cynical but with the obvious loss of trade they’ll have suffered over recent months I wouldn’t be surprised if this could be a ruse to raise some quick cash.

Nidge (the always ever pessimistic).

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I knew I left £500 somewhere… Let me check the couch.

It would fit nicely in this bad boy :grinning:

That photos upside down view
Must be promoting it for 3D flying :laughing::laughing:

Was gonna say that’s upside downs terrible terrible frame too

Processing time has went down to 17 business days for anyone originally put off by the 47 days…

I think unless your a full on racer the Dji system is the best on the market and it’s never been cheeper :slight_smile:

Go spend money fly fpv and let go the shackles of the earth!

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Is that an affiliate link?

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Full disclosure yes it is an affiliate link. I personally don’t order much from banggood (try and support local business first) but I am trying to find ways to fund what I’m doing on YouTube’s.

@admins if you wish to delete the post feel free :slight_smile:


Just checked what I would get from a sale and it’s £3.48

Just curious if it was money talking or the FPV system is really that good.

At £3.48 I’m guessing its the latter.

The fpv system really is that good. Iv actually now sold all my analog gear Becuase it’s rubbish.

@evilbobbins can vouch for that! As can @notveryprettyboy and @Steviegeek

I’m all about the digital fpv!


Also interested to see whAt fatsharks sharkbyte will be like but tbh Dji has such a lead on them it’s hard to see how they can even catch up let alone better them

Can’t wait to get mine from Banggood. Got FPV Goggles and 2 x Air Units coming which were on offer during their Father’s Day promo. They’re saying “Estimated to ship before July 2, 2020.” … we’ll see!. I’ve also got one of British Drone Industries’ “Digidapter” to fit my analog module into the goggles. So I can then get rid of my analog goggles.

Does that mean your selling stuff cheap :thinking: :thinking:

Hey @NeilP you won’t regret it. I love my dji system.

Analog isn’t quite there yet. When you enter the modules menu it drops to the screensaver as the pulse sync is lost. Which drives me bonkers. Hopefully will be sorted in future firmware tho.

Banggood have Caddx Vistas on promo at the moment. £105.20 from China. Just ordered one to retrofit into my 3" Gecko. Still waiting for the goggles to arrive though. Hopefully they might arrive around the same time.