DJI FPV Still sealed in box. Scared to fly it

Hi Guys. I’ve just bought the new DJI FPV but after watching Geeksvana youtube video about it
I’ve left it sealed in the box. They bothe said how much fun it was but it seems really dangerous and there doesn’t seem to be anywhere to fly it. Do you think I should send it back?

Take it out and have a play, it flys like a maivc in normal and sport mode, just a tad faster


Battery seems to be a short life

Compared to what ?

mini 2 and 1

mini2 fast enough for me

ken heron and geeks both seem to be staging off but yes it is fast

Ian of London I think seems happy though

Different animal altogether

Your mini 2 top speed is shit, is a similar argument


If you join FPVUK or the BMFA you can fly under the Article16 exemption. This will cover you for flying a drone up to 25kg in recreational areas, including urban parks if the local authorities haven’t pulled the “Drones are Bad” bylaw.

If you fly the FPV Drone in Normal mode you’ll find it to be very sedate and forgiving. Like many have said it’s no more intimidating than flying a Mavic in normal mode, just noisier.

But it’s fast as f…, agile and capable of things that no other DJI drone is. Horses for courses.

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(In the sense of: If you need to ask, your answer is probably…)


Send it back and get the refund. In the meantime, see if you can find someone that will let you try one out. If you like it then you can always order again.

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Did you not watch any reviews before buying ?

What did you think you were buying ?

Blame @speatuk for me buying one, I was on the fence till he kindly let me fly his


Send it back? Yes!

In my dream I had bought a very powerful, loud, fast, heavy and uncontrollable electronic trebuchet that screamed past riders falling from panicked horses, lacerating faces, eyeballs and brains as it cracked open someones skull. Maybe I had too much cheese before I went to bed?


Maybe you need to see a specialist
No need to worry about something that has not happened and with all probability never will.

Sorry to be so blunt, but I just can’t see the reasoning of worry. It does nothing except get “your” blood pressure up and effect you.
You can worry about as much as you want, but it’s still there the next day, or not depending on what you are worrying about.

If something is going to happen it will. If you “dream” of it happening it is your nervous subconscious giving you the “what if?”

What if you drive down the road turn a corner and horses are in the road and you scatter them all killing all the horses and riders?

You can’t live your life like that.

Just go out and enjoy it. Or return it :man_shrugging:

Just to reiterate, I am not pointing the finger, trying or wanting to upset anyone.

Life is for enjoyment not stress or worry.

Enjoy it.




We are here such a short time as it is

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I must admit it was terrified to fly the thing but as others have said in N or S mode it’s just like a Mavic albeit a very fast one. Still not tried M in real life, many hours on the simulator before that happens.


Thanks guys. I feel better about it now. Wont be able to afford the Mavic 3 now

where did you get it from, the DJI FPV?

because you should have at least 7 days no quibble return

if it was Heliguy, they offer 50 days return policy, try it fly it, DON’T CRASH IT send it back


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I got it from Drone Safe Register. I might get hit by a re-stocking fee if I don’t return it unopened. Happened before when I mistakenly ordered Mavic pro instead of mavic pro 2 prop guards from Heliguy.