DJI GEO Zone unlock request not working (DJI GEO Zones discontinued 😱)

I have unlocked DJI GEO zones before, so I know how to do it. But tried to do an unlock last night, and again this morning but the zones aren’t showing on the unlock request map. They are showing on the GEO zone map though. This isn’t the first time this has happened. As I live within a GEO area I can’t even use the drone indoors as it won’t even let the motors start. Seriously thinking about selling my Mini 3 Pro and buying an Autel drone.

According to Drone Scene here: those orange areas are:

Which means you can’t / don’t need to request an unlock in advance? :thinking:

Gotta love DJI :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

When I first got the drone that was all I had to do. More recently I have had to unlock in advance, which I have done multiple times.

It looks like DJI Fly safe database is down as none of the FRZ are showing, I just tried to unlock Manchester airport but its no longer showing :scream:

And the whole of London is flyable :joy:

Same on DS

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Didn’t someone mention this the other day too? :thinking:

Me, I did :innocent:

All the layers have been missing on my DJI Fly Safe App for about 3 days now.

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Link here

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No I don’t. :grinning: Time to start looking for a non DJI drone me thinks.

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Excuse me if this been on here before
DJI have updated there fly safe and GEO. Map

Now before if you want to fly in Authorise zone ( Blue )
Submit application via your DJI Account to unlock …

Due to update it now called Advance zone ( Orange ) ? And now you don’t need to Applied to unlock ??

Now please : correct me if am write :+1:. Or wrong :-1:

Thank you

Moved your post here as its already being discussed :+1:

Quick, get those drug deliveries in to prisons while you can!

Yeah it’s definitely up Shit Creek… I just tried an unlock and it isn’t playing ball… The Frauditors will have to change their nappies they will be in so much excitement. :joy:

This is from the DJI forum.

Diana DJI
Hi there. After the removal of GEO zones, flight restrictions will be regulated by local competent authorities. Please ensure flight safety and compliance with the regulations of the local aviation administration and other government departments. While this eliminates the requirement for users to submit an unlocking request, users must still file applications in accordance with local rules and regulations to maintain flight safety and compliance. Thank you for your understanding.

So it looks like DJI has done away with their GEO fencing. I just updated my firmware and FlySafe Database and now I can fly within the FRZ without having to request an Unlock. So just permission from ATC is all that is required.


@Tooting37 That seems to be the case. It seems DJI have done away with GEO fencing. So it is up to the pilot not to stray into FRZs etc. without permission from the relevant ATC.

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So that means authorisation zones no longer exist?

That’s what this was all about

@HantsFlyer Seems like it. I live within a FRZ. My drone would not take off at home without a DJI unlock. Just done a firmware and flysafe update and now I can take off from my garden. Not that I would without permission from the local airports ATC of course.


Looks like an update now and then never do another one :wink:

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Does anyone fancy a fly over the Etihad this afters, I’ll give you a wave :joy: