DJI GO 4 - App updates

I’ve seen a few posts on Facebook where people have had problems with their drone after updating the go4app, some have lost their drone.
Has anyone had this trouble? I’ve updated but not flown yet.

Updated mine in the field yesterday and had no problems ( other than waiting for update to Finnish ) responsive to all commands.
Only problem with mine is the pilot :rofl::rofl:


From what I saw, the update applies more to the remote.
When my update came through ,it referred to the remote needing updating.
Have not flown yet to know if things are ok.

Did the update recently for the controler but this one does the drone update as well, adds = battery secure drone won’t take off if not fully secure, plus other bits and bobs.
I must check what version it has now updated to? :thinking:
Just checked! App shows version 4.3.24
Aircraft version 01.00.0510
Precise fly safe for app
Basic fly safe.
And now it’s telling me to check for update again??

Not checked mine yet, as I say.
Just updated it a couple of nights ago.
It did look as if it may have updated the drone as well, as the leds were flashing merrily, and it did restart a couple of times.

Yet DJI feckin about again ! .
These constant updates really hack me off!.
I have memories of bad updates on my early drones, that went tits up to the point of feckin up the drone all together !.( Phantom 2 Vision+)

Mine works - no need to update - doesn’t give me anything new (other than something I don’t want).

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Yeah, totally agree, would not be doing mine if it were not for the Insurance.
To be fair, I have not had any real problems of updates in the past, maybe a couple of sticky ones that needed a second try.

:thinking: If I were insured, I might be OK … since I’ve never declined an update.

My drone-phone is never connected to the internet to know there are any updates. :rofl:

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That’s a very fair point Dave, never looked at it like that!.
I use ( sometimes) 1 of 4 devices , two old Sony Xperia phones (no sim) and my current phone,
Plus a IPad with only WiFi connection when at home.
I do use both the old phones a lot.
They have good battery life, good displays, so I use them regularly.
Making me wonder if I should not use my new phone at all!.

The only insurance problem would be if asked why it’s never connected to the internet.
Can’t think of a reason other than “So it doesn’t update any firmware/software … obviously.”

Yeah, see your point, but they do stipulate “current firmware”
I think if you claimed, and were not running current , they would squiggle out of the claim.

Without being connected I have no way (other than GADC) of knowing what is current.

My update for the mavic air was about flysafe

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This is where mis information can mislead people into the wrong action,
You @jason.davies1973 are flying a Mavic Air, @OzoneVibe is flying a Mavic Pro I am flying a Mavic 2 Pro, and an Mavic Pro, And a Mavic Air.
Which means ALL my updates are going to be different, in some way, what a right cock up !
Does DJI know the meaning of Universal .
Your heading is misleading, should read Mavic Air Update.

The Go4 app is the same for all of us (that use Go4) as will be the flysafe info.

The App is the same, agreed.
But the update is specific to each drone.

Flysafe is the same, which @jason.davies1973 says was the relevant aspect.

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Here we go again - iOS upgrade version 4.3.46 available

  • Adds support for iOS 15

  • Fixes certain issues and optimises overall app quality :man_shrugging: :man_facepalming:

Anyone with the cajones to try it out :roll_eyes: :laughing:

PS - DJI Download centre still shows iOS latest version to be V 4.3.32
The updated Version 4.3.36 is available on Apple App Store :man_shrugging:

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Eight months since the last update :grimacing: