Dji go 4 app won’t start

Hi I am having issues with go 4 app it was working fine but now when I tap on it phone screen goes blank then apps reload. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled from official dji site still no good can anyone help please

Forgot to add I have a mavic pro

iOS or android ?


Have you or has it recently updated?, what phone is it ?

Maybe roll back to version people know works ?

Calling @group-android users (its all magic to me)

I have a Samsung A52s all was good until Thursday I’ve been in touch with dji was told to uninstall then given a link to download directly from them still hasn’t worked waiting on them but was hoping someone could help.

I’ve heard about this before with the new Samsung models. You coud try the . There’s not much to do with DJI that’s not been discussed there. BTW it still works fine on my Note 9.

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Clear cache, clear data.





Thanks for that I’ll try all when phone charged and let you know how I get on.

Had it recently with a Client, different app but…
I guess corrupted data wasnt being removed on uninstall.

It is a known issue.

The latest version on the dji site ought to be working.

However they are releasing a newer version.

Seems to be related to Android 12 updates

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Btw affects all DJI apps.

It’s frustrating when these massive companies can’t sort things out was thinking about getting a newer drone but get put off spending lots of money when you can’t fly because of issues out of our control.

iOS has a lot less hassles :wink:

It’s what happens when u take app control away from the play store

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Hi just to let you know still no good been back in touch with dji at moment I own a drone that I can’t fly.

Can you not rollback the app ?

How do I rollback the app?

Delete completely the current (not working for you) version and source one from a couple back.

What version are you in at the moment

4.3.50 from dji downloads how do I find older versions sorry if I seem a little daft been going round and round trying everything.

Try this,

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