DJI GO4 is not compatible with Android 11

Heads up DJI GO4 users running Android devices…

It’s not like Google kept the public beta of their latest mobile OS a secret for the last six months or something…


It won’t affect some people. My drone-phone’s last firmware update was from Android 6 to 7. :stuck_out_tongue:


This is one of the reasons I have refrained from accepting the upgrade on my Huawei devices.

Thanks for the heads-up.



Fly isn’t compatible either. DJI advice is download 1.1.18 but its not available yet to download :frowning:

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After last Christmas time when all this happened with the minis go fly app I kept my old phone after the upgrade and fully stripped everything off it so it was a bare operating system and installed the now working go fly app and like @OzoneVibe I have a drone phone that I won’t update until I know its compatibility issues have been resolved :+1:t2: :slightly_smiling_face:


I installed DJI fly 1.1.8 last night from google play. Not had a flight since upgrade though but it all connects ok :+1:t2:

On Android v11 @SirGunner ?

@PingSpike no Im on Android 10 but was just letting steve know it is available on playstore now

Managed to side load last night but thanks for heads up

I’m guessing this had something to do with the new android thing! Absolutely shat a brick when I had this yesterday. Luckily I could see the drone and guide it back with out the screen. All safe and just a new pair off knickers needed :pray:

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Should have stuck with the Apple Steve :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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My thoughts exactly Chris, so I quickly unplugged my phone and use my ipad :disappointed_relieved:

On Android v11 @McSteamy2010 ?

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This phone is new and was last update on the 7th September. Can anyone direct me to what version I’m running in the settings?


Maybe not then. But I could not the life of me get it to reconnect no matter how many times I reset the app, drone and controller.

Ive seen on the TV they now do these just incase it ever happens again mate :+1:t2:



Ah your a star! Thank you. :rofl: do they do XL :smirk:

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I would think so Ill have to check :rofl:

That must have been proper squeeky bum time when that happened :grimacing: Have you managed to get it sorted now?

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Kind of. good enough for the moment. :+1:

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