DJI Goggles Downgrade / Rooting Stuff

Sorry I don’t use DJI goggles or VTX so I have no clue if this is useful to any of you, but I’ll post it up (after someone posted it somewhere else).

Quote by Joonas:

Dear friends, We know it’s not quite the holidays yet, but we figured we’d drop our presents for you all to enjoy a little early. We are happy to announce butter, a downgrade method for V2 Goggles, as well as a recovery method for all pre O3 devices. You can get it at GitHub - fpv-wtf/butter. It’s better than margerine ™️. Please enjoy responsibly. Also, since there is no longer any danger of a permanent brick if something goes wrong, wtfos 0.2.0 has been released. This eliminates the slot switching issue on air side entirely! Update via the configurator, as usual. Have a great one, the team