Dji Goggles power hack

Iv been watching this video and thinking of unlocking my goggles, however I dont think I need the full 700 and I certainly dont want to burn my vista out :man_facepalming:t3:

Can anyone advice a safer setting please…

If you skip to 5.25 you will see what I mean :+1:t3:

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Yeah I’d be extra careful especially with your betaFPV as that’s a naked visa and has had its heatsinks removed to reduce weight.

Thanks for that mate :+1:t3:

Just found a website where people post the rates hence iv been trying a few out on the BetaFPV

On Sat I was having a problem with the BetaFPV as it wouldn’t connect until it was level and you mentioned it might be due to ???..

Iv been flying line of sight it in the backyard but its a real pain when it doesn’t connect…

Did you manage to sort out your OSD ???

Nope, still working on it lol

In betaflight on the configuration tab:

Set the maximum ARM angle to 180.

All sorted :+1:t3:

Im still missing my OSD and bleeper on my BetaFPV :man_shrugging:t3: if you find anything out please give us a shout :+1:t3:

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Will do :+1:t2:

Nic, you’re running DSHOT so in BF configurator you should be able to enable ‘DSHOT BUZZING SOUND’

Not sure what it’s really called and where to find it,
I’ll look later but with anyluck @DeanoG60 will know and save me a job :laughing:

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Config tab:

DShot Beacon Configuration.

And make sure you have the beeper mode setup in the modes tab.

Select add range to the beeper leave it set to auto and flick the switch to select the correct AUX channel.

(You’ll need the quad powered up with a battery and your controller turned on)

Think im on a winner tonight :fire: :fire: as I think iv sorted my beacon out also.

I have to hook it up to blheli …

Yeah scrap that its still not working :man_facepalming:t3:

Follow the above. It’s more than likely not configured to your switch.

all sorted mate was not switched on in configuration :man_facepalming:t3:

Strange thing how the motors make the noise, not sure how that works :man_shrugging:t3:

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They just vibrate real fast. A speaker is just magnets and a coil like a motor

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Yeah when put like that I see what you mean.
I take it they use the outer bell/casing as the cone :+1:t3:

I suppose that’s why they are saying not to have them set to hi :fire: :fire:

Im wondering if it would be worth investing in a set of the HD patch antenna then. :man_shrugging:t3:

Are you having range issues then? :thinking:

Yeah I seem to get the length of a football field and thats :man_shrugging:t3:
I know im running 25mw hence why I was thinking of upping it to 50 :thinking:

i’m not sure what to suggest, the power hack will work but not sure how the naked visa will cope with the extra heat. maybe do some googling and see if anybody else has used the power hack with a naked vista?

Just found this seems ok, if Im understanding it right :thinking:

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