DJI Goggles v2

Surprised nobody’s posted about this, today …

Spotted on Instagram …


The DJI FPV system is still out of my price range unfortunately :pensive:

Nearly everything is out of mine. I still try to keep interested.
The bonus of no money … you don’t get tempted. :+1:

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… so easily.

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To be fair if I really wanted to I could probably save for a couple of months and go DJI but I think for me I can’t justify the spend and it’s easier to tell myself I can’t afford it rather than admit I know deep down it’s too expensive for what it is :rofl: again I probably should of used the same logic when I brought my mavic mini and my Air 2 :rofl:

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It’s a bit of a “Meh” release. A few extra pixels, which none of the current air units support. 2.4GHz band added, again which the air units don’t support. A battery with limited capacity.

Not so much a V2, more of a V1.01 Beta.


I’m looking at purchasing a pair there just not available in Europe yet :tired_face:

They are definitely pricey! :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:

People on YT are saying that they’ve now been pulled from the Chinese DJI store and that they’re not to be pre-ordered yet. Sounds like someone in China was a bit hasty with the release.

The good news is that DJI will be releasing them soon and there is a new firmware to be released for both the V1 and V2. So DJI are still developing the system. And of course the much anticipated DJI FPV Drone will make an appearance at some point (which is what the V2 goggles are all about I suspect).

Still on the DJI site, for some locations … whichever they may be.

It’s not so much a v2 as a v1.5

If you already have v1 not much point in upgrading tbh

Totally agree.