DJI Inspire 1 Attempting Repair

I purchased a DJI Inspire 1 as a Spares or Repair. I was told the main problem was a shorted ESC board to one of the motors. I sourced a replacement and fitted it. Battery fully charged, into drone and switched on. Only sign and sound of life is the replacement motor bleeping every second. The rest of the drone is lifeless. I am thinking this is now a main board (where the battery connects) problem. Would appreciate any help. Unusually YouTube has little or no relevant videos.

Hope you find a way to repair it, very nice UAV , good luck.

Usually, if the ESC and motor are known to be good, the constant beeping can be an indication the ESC is not receiving a valid PWM signal. The familiar start up tones are a confidence check that everything is ready.

You say the previous owner claimed the “main” fault was a shorted ESC, a vague explanation at best:

A short in the signal path?
A short on one of the outputs?
Or a short on the Power Input?

As the third possibility involves a relatively high voltage and current the potential for greater damage to other components in the Inspire is a big possibility unless there’s some form of protection built in for such a situation.

So I feel he/she was either guessing or they knew the problem was a lot more severe and they were keeping quiet.

Usually if a fault is attributed to an open circuit there is very rarely consequences for the other components in the circuit. However if the fault is the result of a short circuit then the failure can cascade through the circuit.


The ESC at the motor was toast and an easy and not too expensive fix, but you are right, what was the underlying cause? Maybe a crash where the rotor/motor was trying to turn but was restricted?
I will check all the connections out and go from there.
End of the day, if I can’t solve it, I can always “pass it on”. It would be a shame to break it.
Thanks for the reply.


I already have an Inspire 1 V2.0 which is fantastic to fly. I know several people that are interested in drones but haven’t bought anything as yet. Whether I would sell them something I have repaired or not, is the question? Need to get it flying again, then see how confident I feel. I’ve sold on a couple of repaired Phantom 3 Standards without problems.