DJI Inspire 1 version 2

with quick release props, x 5 gimbal mount. never crashed, 2 cameras standard x3 and zoom version z 3.

Inspire 1v2 for in Sale Bristol, England ,
All offers considered, no splitting of parts complete sale only .Please do not ask.
This done was serviced by DJI in Holland and has not been flown since. it was sent under care package as the new z3 camera would not link up properly.
It all works 100% now and can be tested on request.
what is included:-
inspire 1 s/n W13DCL0761927
6 batteries (4 tb47 2 tb 48 one 48 brand new never flown.)
3 sets props (2 sets unused)
two controllers with 1 chest harness
1 x original x3 camera
1 x z 3 zoom camera
1 battery heater
1 x original battery charger
1 x 3rd party 3 port battery charger
1 x ipad extension for larger ipads
1 x side saddle battery mount for two non DJI
1 x original carry case undamaged zips working.
1 x locator 8 tracker device
4 x nd filters
4 x gimble mount shock rubbers
1 x hdmi connect 2nd monitor for 2nd /camera controller

I can’t see any of the images you mention on this one @adwb ?

there now ,apologies

Unless I have missed something?? There is no mention of how much you want for all this wonderful equipment ?
It says “all offers considered” but you must surely have a ballpark in mind.


Well I am considering 2 routes, either give up or buying something much smaller and lighter as I am finding lugging the weight and the size of all the inspire kit more and more difficult.
That’s why I have not stated a price because I might buy or part swop or something, I have been looking at various sites where Inspires are sold so I have a fair idea what would be a fair offer .
And I can fly anything under part16 rules which suits me.

I forgot to mention that both controllers have silicone covers which stop them getting slippy if your hands sweat and keeps them clean like new.

£ 700 would be a acceptable offer unless you think differently?

Unfortunately I now have to go on holiday else forfeit the money already paid, so any spare cash that I had put to one side is now allocated to “Holiday Spends”
I hope that you manage to sell it or do a deal as that is a lot of kit for the money.