Dji Inspire 2, 03 Air Unit, Speedybee FC Project

Ever since getting my Inspire I’d looked for someway of FPV without having to use the X5S.

Although I’d seen youtube examples, they just seemed a bit clunky to me, now though with the 03 air unit it’s looking like I can cobble something that’s to my liking.

Having the Bambu Lab X1C, I have a much wider choice of filament to play with, I’m drawn to the Bambu Lab Carbon Fibre PLA as it prints very accurately from STEP files.

As per title the parts used will be…
1, 03 Air unit
2, Speedybee FC
3, Foxeer M10Q-250 GPS
4, Mateksys Digital Airspeed Sensor
5, ZOHD 3500MAh Flight pack
6, LHCXRC CNC Machined 03 Housing.
7, Unknown number of hours designing prototyping.

The beast….


Having crunched a few ideas, the bottom of the Inspire is the only place to mount.

I want to be able to simply de-mount via a few screws, a mount that doesn’t require the disassembly of the Inspire for power.

The camera 03 Air needs to be mounted in a manner that reduces vibration, which only leaves one place it can be mounted.


Everything else has to be designed to mount here utilising the existing screw holes, may need to use longer screws though.

Hi, nice to see people modifying these drones.
Spent many years building my own.
This little mount is ideal for the camera, I will have a look for the step files.
Good luck.

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@Equatol Same here too, thanks so much for the offer, as I’m including a pitot tube on the camera mount, I’ve had to design from scratch…
I have two styles of pitot hence two different cap designs now printing.

Cool project, and love modifications. Only concern I’d have, is to check whether the O3 will go to full power mode without an “armed” signal from a flight controller. I have a feeling (and may be wrong), you can’t set the O3 to full power mode all the time (like you can a vista, etc.)

You could FPV in the way you saying with a vista, or even analogue (or those other HD systems I guess).

Anyways. Cool to see modifications, just thought Id ask whether you looked into this (and I may be completely wrong!)

Easy to guess I guess from the bench heh

In follow up, I was interested enough to do a little googling…

Feature Request : DJI AIR O3 full power without ARM ! | DJI FORUM.

Seems what I’d seen/remembered was correct. Can use an Arduino etc to provide an permanent arm signal, but someone else stated was annoying as need a separate RX.

Thanks for the heads up, hence the :point_up:

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Haha sorry. Only skim read the top lol. Good luck!

Type 1 draft test print

It’s going to be a bit of experimentation… :thinking:

Type 2 Draft…

I think I’ll use this MK2 mount, just need to adjust dimensions.

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Draft print of the FC, pitot module and integrated 03 battery mount.

That’s all the parts printed, just need to hit iNav to setup the OSD.

Arming will be via my existing Dji RC which I bought for the Dji FPV, it’s the best all round solution.

My spotter can see the inspire at 800M out and monitor the airspace around the inspire, win situation in my book…:slightly_smiling_face:

Carbon PLA

GPS mount which will be at the rear and out of the way…

Wiring retaining cover…

Draft GPS wiring retainer cover, having to wait for screws that should have arrived on last week…

In Carbon PLA….

Some progress now the screws shipped, having assembled everything and as usual design changes manifest.

Pictures of before the final design change are added for the final print.

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Nearly there….:grin:

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what is the need for the air speed sensor (on a drone)? not going to be a lot of point if going up, down, left, right or backwards?

also how are you intending to control the drone? With the speedybee FC? or via the drones normal controller + ESC’s etc?