Dji Inspire 2 Latest Firmware Update

Anyone updated their I.2 yet or just holdings off for a while?
I’m going to wait a bit before I update mine…:chicken:

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Not yet its got a few fixes on so I hear gimbal rotating on its own Battery voltage drop and others I’m going to wait To see if it raises other issues first :wink:

Just been having a chat on FB, someone having an issue with the App crashing now when he centres the gimbal in the App but says it’s ok while using the C button.
I’ve never gone into the App to center the gimbal, too long winded a way to do it.

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A few bugs in it then I’m not to bad I have a cendence so most of my buttons are programmed with all the most used settings :+1:
I’m still going to wait tho

The chap on FB is on a job tomorrow, he’ll let us know how he gets on, I’ll give it a week or two…

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That will be great cheers :ok_hand:

I saw on a Mad’s site YouTube video that he reckons the firmware update fixes battery voltage drop and gimbal issues. Can’t be categorical but I think he said lay off the previous update as that had those issues but the 0190 issue is OK. Probably best to wait but I didn’t!

If you use a CrystalSky with Cendence it looks like Go 4 is still at 4.3.16, Could anyone confirm or advise otherwise? I will be able to use an iPad so presumably 4.3.36/37 then.

I haven’t had chance to use my Inspire 2 seriously yet so just getting to know it. I was fiddling with settings and attempting to name the device i.e. the Cendence from GO 4 failed to save. I poked around and found a suggestion that you couldn’t do that with Android for some obscure reason but does work with iOS. Anyone know or have any thoughts on this?

I did embarrassingly find for a time that stuff was not working as regard saving settings and the Cendence didn’t seem to connect with the drone so couldn’t see settings etc… I noticed that there was slight wobble of the CrystalSky on the mount although the clamp was tight. In fact the CS was not quite pushed down all the way with a very slight gap left. Pushing down firmly resolved that issue and wobble gone. A gotcha for a relative newcomer to Inspire 2, Cendence and CS.

Latest firmware is nursing the batteries to the point where it’s been reported the Inspire is slower than a Mavic.

“You can’t roll back”, some very unhappy people that can’t chase cars shooting commercials.

I will not be updating, I’ll live with the slight camera drift…:weary:

I bite the bullet and did it not flown it yet but I will keep you posted :grimacing:


See if you can get your Inspire to hit more than 50KPH…

Well if it won’t it will be on eBay :sob::sob:
And the new freefly Astro will be getting ordered :smirk:

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In sport mode and in atti ??

Atti,sport and just how fast it’s allowed to go now in GPS…

Well if that’s the way DJI is going a lot of there customers are going to loose faith in them freefly and other makes are looking good if that’s the case