DJI Inspire 3 - Rumours, leaks, gossip and general discussion

Definitely NOT on my list but looks like it could be a beast if it’s real.
Who’s now going to be googling?

The Inspire 3

Source: Facebook :man_facepalming:


/cancels all Autel Nano+ and Autel Lite pre-orders

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Pretty sure it won’t be sub 250 category :thinking: lol

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More 2500g :joy: sexy looking thing though.


Agreed mate I think it’s probably the best looking drone out of all of them and when the landing gear retracts :star_struck:

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Love that part of the Inspires! :clap:

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It’s just so cool to watch :smiley:

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And of course, if you have invested heavily in an Inspire 2 the new 3 won’t run the same batteries …

Life used to be so easy when you just strapped on a battery of the right voltage - 3S, 4S , 6S, whatever. When you built another aircraft your stock of batteries could usually be used on the new build. Not any more :angry:


Can you imagine the cost of said batteries

Same as the Inspire 1 and 2 at a guess, £180 each.

It’s this very reason why off the shelf Drones with proprietary batteries are probably the least environmentally friendly electronic product on the market.

In my collection I have a camera drone that was probably released about 10 years ago. It uses a regular 3s 2200mAh battery, and it works just as well as when it made its first flight, and will probably do so for the next 10 years. If there is an Inspire 3 do you think it will still be flying in 10yrs time, or will it most likely be landfill fodder?

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This looks nothing like the one I saw on YouTube. Widly varying costs and specs too.I can’t wait to see what actually appears now.

Got a link you can share please @Ged ?

Hi, I watched a YouTube video by a guy called Darren McHardy a week or so ago.
Should be easy to find.

Are you sure he wasn’t talking about the Mavic 3?
Can’t see the Inspire 3 on his channel.

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I mis read, I was talking about Mavic 3, many apologies.

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