DJI Inspire 3 - Rumours, leaks, gossip and general discussion

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I think that is the Mini 17 Pro :joy:

Given the smaller airframes of the Matrice range these days, I’m really not sure where the Inspire sits in the market now :thinking:

On my wish-list, still. :confused:

Allowed to look with :face_with_peeking_eye:

Body parts will need to be removed :scream: :scream: :scream:

Just watched the intro video for the Inspire 3. What an amazing bit of kit.

I’m surprised they actually decided to do a version 3 as I wouldn’t have expected there’d be much of a market for it these days.

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I think the opposite. This beast is loaded with tech mostly aimed at flying in very tight spaces (film sets) with repeatable accurate flights (for accurate retakes) closer to the flexibility of Litchi ( …than previous “DJI Waypoints”).

They’ve included a decent 1" sensor and film industry RAW codecs along with a good selection of lenses.

I reckon it’s rather impressive. … and I just need a Euromillions win at £13.5k base price before you add all the RTK gear. But the film industry has budgets that won’t even notice that much.


Video with examples of it going places in a single take that booms and other drones could never achieve.


I guess they will have more than one as well.


At that starting price I’m guessing 1) we won’t see a sudden influx of cheap Inspire 2 drones on eBay and 2) that DJI won’t be sending many Inspire 3 kits out to the youtubers they have on their books :blush:

As a few have mentioned above, I’m still unsure where this sits in the market given the capabilities, and payloads, of the Matrice these days :thinking:

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Indeed and of course the tasty RC Plus controller from the M30 now works with the M300 and M350 as well as being provided with the Inspire 3…


On your marks! Get set! GOOOOO!