DJI launching an app to allow ANYONE to view your flight info

GO was the original app and after version 3.x they decided to rename it GO4 as it forked for the Mavic.

Does the original GO app still get updates?

Wonder what release will take us up to GO5.

Hmmmm … for the P4, before the Mavic, I thought? Might be wrong.


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You might be right there.

I seem to remember the P4 being able to use original GO app for a while before everyone was forced over to GO4 about MP time.

Was that not the case for MP as well on release come to think of it?

I only ever used Go4.

Just checked. I took delivery of my MP on Nov 30, 2016.

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That makes sense.

So the P4 originally used the GO app and moved over to GO4 when the mavic was released.

DJI called it GO5 - DJI Fly (GO5) app v1.0.2 download links

You did. Can’t find DJI calling it that.

Googling DJI Go5 only produces some speculation about a new version a year ago and …


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I coined something :bowing_man:




Any word on this with the Dji fpv system?

Indeed … 22/10/19 was the last update (Android).

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The Dji fpv system doesn’t have an app…

My reply was to @MementoMori. :wink:

Spot on

Same version for IOS.
I hardly use it at the moment, I need to get the Inspire out sometime soon.

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Just had another email from dji.
They are asking how I rate the support I received?
:rofl::rofl::rofl: now I wonder what answer I should give them??:thinking::rofl:
Edit: how do you write Bullshit in chinese.

废话 :rofl:


I’ve had a reply from the ICO, which doesn’t move things forward much as I think they’ve not understood where the data leak is from (i.e. directly from the drone, not from DJI as an organisation), but I do now have a phone number to call to discuss it further. I’ll contact DJI as requested by the ICO (although I expect a similar non-answer to what @robwakefield99 got), and then see where I can get to.

Thank you for your email of 17 November 2019.

Organisations need to process data lawfully, but also to an extent only as which is necessary to achieve their stated purpose.

If DJI are processing data in the manner in which allows individuals to locate them as identifiable individuals, they would need to have a lawful basis and would need to inform individuals of this. Consent is only one of six lawful basis that can be relied upon.

I would suggest that you raise your concerns with DJI regarding how they intend to process data. When bringing DJI’s attention to your concerns, you should ensure you request what their purpose is for the processing, their legal basis to process it, how they are informing individuals of this processing, and, any potential security risks to those individual’s rights and freedoms as a result of it.

There is a template letter in the hyperlink above, along with next steps that you can take if dissatisfied with the response you receive.

I hope this information is helpful to you. If you would like to discuss this further, please contact me on my direct number XXX XXX. If you need advice on a new issue you can contact us via our Helpline on 0303 123 1113 or through our live chat service. In addition, more information about the Information Commissioner’s Office and the legislation we oversee is available on our website


I’ve also raised this now with Privacy International, to see if they will take an interest.


All your personal details are out there everywhere people can pay to companies to get your details and when people contact you out the blue where did they get your details how would you find out and what could you do about it everyone we use the internet and agree to cockies they got you and learn more about you all the time